Ararat Masis, based in Zurich is a Sublabel of L.E.T – Les Enfants Terribles, and brings us Nico Sun’s Budapest including 3 remixes from the lovely Wareika, Kalabrese and Mushrooms Project.

Nico Sun:
”Written in this drunk, sleepless night.
Worshipping the winds from the east.
A yearning, a whisper from the past.
A feeling at times forgotten, called back when the wind is heard.

Budapest, a synonym for the love of the inner city blues, the rubbish in the gutter, the beauty in the murky corners.
A thought that crept up on me in a second, a part of my journey.”

Today we feature the original, our favorite of this release from Nico Sun.

Nico Sun – Budapest EP [Ararat Masis]
1. Budapest (Original Mix)
2. Budapest (Wareik Remix)
3. Budapest (Kalabrese Remix)
4. Budapest (Mushrooms Project Rework)
Release date: 30th of November // Buy

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