Noraj Cue returns home to Happy Camper Records to introduce his latest musical adventure ‘Inner Glitch’, a fantastic full-length album series. It comes as an emblematic sampler on vinyl followed by a trilogy of digital releases.

The Dutch artist likes organic sounds filled with real world dust and compelling grooves. He explores every corner of the house realm and always makes musical stories that keep you locked. Constantly tinkering with drum and synth, Noraj Cue has applied his unique talent for experimentation to one studio and one album. And in a career that spans 15 years, his creative touch has impacted the EP’s of Tale and Tone, Katermukke and Connaisseur Recordings.

Noraj Cue offers up a musical thesis with Inner Glitch. He explores what he posits is the three aspects that comprise the being of human beings. He suggests that in life we are either presenting our outer self (polished, camouflaged, rehearsed), our inner self (vulnerable, protective, emotional) or our core self (connected to life itself and fundamental to the fulfillment of our self-expression). His music explores the amorphous space of each self and the indistinct places they meet. “Your feelings and perceptions, is that you? Or are these them?” The exploration of which has taken this courageous artist on a musical epic. And now, simply by closing your eyes after hitting play, so can you.

Things kick off with the lush deep house synth-scapes of ‘This Won’t Last’ and take in wonky melodic grooves like ‘Bloody Musicbox,’ chunky tribal drums on ‘Red Throated Diver’ and dubby minimal like’Stoffig.’ Elsewhere, there is bass driven drama on ‘Le Visionaire’, epic, tension-building house music on ‘Chasing The Sunset’ and sci-fi house explorations on ‘Intentionally Lost’ and the cosmic ‘Ones and Zeros’ before late night synth twinkles on the emotive ‘Inner Glitch’ have you in a trance.

The excellent ‘Stormy Silence’ is as turbulent as you’d expect from the title, and ‘Starting Up The Machine’ is a darker more dystopian house vibe. Last of all, ‘Fading Distant Light’ is a beautiful downtempo closer, with tender piano playing and slowly shuffling jazz drums making a heavy atmosphere.

Following remixes & EP’s on Tale & Tone, UnderYourSkin, Klassified and Supernature in 2019, this majestic new album touches on a wide span of moods and flavours, and shows off this Dutch artist’s unique sonic vision and fine synth skills in real style.

Today we premiere our favorite from the Album: ‘Le Visionaire’.

Noraj Cue – Inner Glitch [Happy Camper Records] VINYL Release
A01. This Won’t Last
A02. Inner Glitch
B01. Le Visionaire
B02. Bloody Musicbox
Release Date: 27-03-2020 // Buy here

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