Do you ever listen to the sound around you? What can you hear? What sounds define your day?

These are the questions that the Parallells brothers ask themselves when taking their audience on a sonic expedition to explore places where unexpected sounds become the centre of their music.

The ‘A Day At’ concept, from Parallells, started in 2017 when they were helping their uncle in his leather factory, manufacturing belts. The variety of melodic sounds during the manufacturing process, from small tools to big machinery, quickly became the soundtrack to their day and the inspiration behind their very first song – The Factory.

Little did they know it would lead them on a sonic expedition to explore places where unexpected sounds became the centre of their musical pieces. A carpentry, a ski station, a supermarket, an airport, or a kitchen were their creative playground. The sawing of wood, the chopping of carrots, the rustling of plants, the click of a ski-shoe and the shaking of quinoa are just some examples of sounds that inspired their creativity.

After years of gathering sounds and composing the basis of their album. They teamed up with conservatorium musicians Nicolo Ricci on Sax tenor, Alessandro Mazzieri on Base and Simone Cesarini on Guitar who helped them sculpt the final touches to the album. A fusion of jazzy vibe with concrete sound recording and electronic elements is the foundation of their first album “A Day At”

Parallells – The Carpentry [Klassified]
A1] The Studio
A2]The Airport
A3]The Kitchen
A4] The Research Center
A5] The Supermarket
A6]The Dentist
A7] The Greenhouse
A8]The Ski Station
A9] The Carpentry
A10] The Factory
A11] To Be Continued
Release Date: 11-11-2021 // Buy here