Continuing on the path of his former release Antagonist, Precursor now presents a brand new EP called Holon on Malbetrieb’s label Lines. It features 3 original tracks and a remix by the renowned Love Over Entropy.

Holon” opens with an ominous humming that quickly turns into a dark kick pattern driven by a captivating bass rhythm. Slowly a mesmerizing melody takes the attention which further sets the mood for a sweaty dancefloor late at night. After the peak of the track, the music is far from over as the bass line takes you further and further into the depths of the club culture.

The second track on the EP, titled “Interval” continues the temper set by Holon. The main melody gradually emerges from the dark and makes way to the front line, supported by a steady bass rhythm that continues into the break. In the break one melody makes way for another and the whole thing builds up to a satisfying blank drop emphasizing the beat.

As the title suggests, “Luminous” brings some light in the darkness. Although it is supported by a rather strong beat and sturdy bass groove, the track feels organic and alive. Melodies intertwine and develop throughout the track, building towards a fulfilling climax.

Finally, there is a Remix by Love Over Entropy. Known for his detailed productions and excellent remixes, Michel takes the listener by surprise as he completely rewrites Holon into a track-ready for the festival season. Expect the unexpected as things may not go as it seems…

Luminous is the one we feature here today, our favorite from the package, which is great all together.

Precursor – Holon EP [Lines]
Release date: 30th of August // Pre-order

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