Sander and Stephane Salerno are back on Crossings with a stellar EP. The title track, Relève-Toi, is a mesmerising piece, with a rich combination of melodies and pads, and a powerful original vocal written and performed by French slam poet Oneiroi.

Globally acclaimed producer Michel Cleis delivers a stunning remix. With releases across the underground spectrum, from super smash hit La Mezcla on Cadenza to releases such as Mir A Nero on Pampa Records, his super-distinctive sound needs no introduction.

As the remix starts, you immediately recognise the rich complexion of Michel Cleis’ drums, which provide a perfect balance of festive and hypnotic throughout the track. It goes on to layer one of the original’s cinematic vocals and an astounding mixture of melodies, with vintage sounding keys and a disco baseline. The result is wonderful.

The EP concludes with Timeless, a melodic storytelling piece. The constantly evolving conversation between the lead synthesiser, the keys, pads and cinematic vocals conveys a delicate balance between beauty, melancholy and energy – which can sit equally well in a club, on the beach or at home.

Crossings is a London based boutique electronic music label and a platform for artists and local heroes from around the globe and their respective communities to interact and grow.

Premiere: Sander & Salerno – Timeless (Original Mix) [Crossings]
Release Date: 18-12-2020 // Buy