SHADED weaves funky, psychedelic vibes and textures into a sound undeniable in character, breathing new life into the Techno House world.

Since 2006, the SHADED production style has evolved, yet staying true to his roots of groove laden, rock inspired minimal ‘’surf ‘’techno. Formerly of the duo SHDWPLAY, the duo became well-regarded staples in techno ranks around the world wit multiple EP’s on Dubfire‘s SCI+TEC, and support coming from the boss himself, as well as Richie Hawtin. This recognition, coupled with the desire for creative individuality, ultimately would prompted SHADED’s decision to leave the duo and to pursue a solo career in 2012.

Since then, SHADED has gone on to be supported by the likes Joseph Capriati, Tiga, Slam and Sasha with his hit tracks ‘Be My Binge,’ ‘Love Bug’ and ‘This Is This,’ as well as with the Beatport chart topper ‘Dwell.’

Today’s exclusive premiere, ‘Touchfade,’ showcases SHADED’s effortless ability to turn experimental synths into groove-laden rhythms. From the dark and sensual female vocals to the modulating frequency ranges, this tune is literally a trip into the wild realm of some planet Mars disco mansion.

“Yoyoyo” is available 18 November on SCI+TEC

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