Smeed & Suspence a new duo formed in 2014 out of Boston, MA have been steadily gaining recognition for their hard work and unique sound.

With their first highly anticipated releases on Motek Music out earlier this year and recent releases on Cenote Records they show no plans of slowing down. Nick Smeed (Smeed) coming from almost 10 years of music production and Berklee education has tapped into over a dozen genres over shaping him into a well rounded force in the studio. Spencer Fluckiger (Suspence) a close friend of Nick and true musical connoisseur stepped into music production a few years back getting his eduction from Dubspot.

In short time he has has proven he has a natural knack for music production wowing peers with his quickly developed skills in the studio. Sharing a mutual vision they intend to bring their unique style to the forefront with fresh, forward thinking ideas. With more releases lined up you’ll want to keep these guys on your radar as they keep the momentum going headed into 2016.

Today, we are proud to present these two talented Boston upstarts with an exclusive premiere of their deep , gritty and haunting ‘Frequencies’. The title track of its eponymous EP, ‘Frequencies’ will be released by way of New York City dance music institution Sullivan Room Records.

“Frequencies” is available 30 November on Sullivan Room Records

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