microCastle ’s second offering of 2019 welcomes Speaking In Tongues to the label for their debut EP. Conceptualized by longtime friends Miguel Angel and Philip Anthony, Speaking In Tongues was a project born out of love for cutting edge electronic music. Originally meeting almost 20 years ago, after Miguel’s move from Colombia to Philip’s hometown of Los Angeles, the two spent a great deal of time together in various capacities, many of these aligned through a joint musical appreciation.

The duo’s creative vision has seen them land releases on TAU, Atlant Recordings, and My Favorite Robot, while their recent remix of Kauf’s ‘Let It Slide’ was aired by Kölsch on BBC Radio One. Now presenting their first EP project of 2019, Speaking In Tongues make their microCastle debut with ‘Sabbath’, alongside remixes from Mathias Schober and Zombies In Miami.

The ‘Sabbath’ collection is a transcendent blend of desert, eastern and indie-dance motifs, further reinforcing the duo’s nomadic style. Beginning with the deep, cross-cultural themes of the title track, the EP then shifts energy to the modular intensity and oriental motifs of ‘Mood Swing’, before eventually melting down into the pulsating, indie-esque psychedelia that is ‘Eraser’. An expansive collection from the Los Angeles duo, one which draws on a variety of inspirations and thus resonates on multiple levels, as they describe:

“During the process of writing this record we had kept in the back of our minds that we wanted to create something diverse enough that each track would be countered by the following, reflecting the differing emotions built around our lives and provoking the question, as David Byrne quite simply put—how did I get here?

We wrote the lead track, Mood Swing, and the title track, Sabbath, back to back—both being inspired by a recent recording session we had done for a local percussionist who was creating an album full of worldly and sound-bath oriented music. Drawn to the sounds he was incorporating, we wanted to keep that same worldly essence while presenting backing elements that had a sense of angst and attitude. Right out of the gates Mood Swing hits you with a steady rhythmic modular-esque bass-line, which was the foundation we laid for the track within the first hour of sitting down. From there, it was easy enough to add the pull and tug of swelling lead synths to capture the bipolar toggle found in the nature of life—ups and downs, highs and lows, strikes and gutters—ahh, the beautiful curse of the artists’ daily mood swing!

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