Whether through their productions, labels, or gigs, youANDme have proven that, with a little bit of heart, and a lot of soul, doors will open, crowds will come, dance floors will fill, and the speakers will pound for these ambassadors of their city, country, and the music as a whole.

youANDme is a duo that has long been associated with the Berlin scene and quality house and techno. They have released on the likes of Cocoon and Desolat amongst others, and run their own Rotary Cocktail label, plus Polymorph and a few other mysterious outlets. Picking up props from big name players and at home remixing the likes of Seth Troxler and Lawrence, this pair has nearly a decade in the game behind them, and it shows in their accomplished sounds.

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Today, youANDme brings their Drunken Diva Mix of ‘PPPPP’ with playful drums dropping in and out, big stabs and cut up energy. It is freewheeling and charming and cannot fail to make you move. The track comes off RCR, which is the third and final sub label affiliated with Paul Loraine’s Rhythm Cult brand: it is a vinyl only arm that completes the puzzle.

“PPPPP” is available 9 May on Rhythm Cult

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