Only in its 2nd year, Gratitude Migration has managed to double in size from last year and will feature 5 stages as well as a live music biergarten, a school of dreams, and a yoga & wellness area. There will also be art installations being erected during the event and a fire stage from Pex Festival. This isn’t the common commercialized festival that some might be used to or even like most transformational festivals. Gratitude Migration is truly unique.

The friendly atmosphere and vibrant and lively crowd makes it nearly impossible not to have a good time. If drama occurs or someone is found to be treating another poorly, festival goers will quickly step in and take action. Any negative energy is quickly expunged and replaced with positive vibes and emotions. Gratitude means to be thankful and grateful for your friends, your family, good food, good music, and for life in general.

When attending a transformational event or festival that is centrifugal to Burning Man, one might expect to see glowing princesses and fire breathing dragons. One might expect to see larger than life art installations and cuddle puddles. Gratitude Migration happens to have all that and more Did we mention that it also takes place on a beach overlooking the New York City skyline?

Gratitude Migration takes place at Hello Beach in Keansburg, NJ an hour south of New York City on Friday, July 15th to Sunday, July 18th. It is an eco-friendly event promoting a sustainable environment and community that has formulated numerous Eco Partnerships & Initiatives. They encourage participation from everyone in attendance and also have numerous workshops and speakers. Musical artists will include BOSQ, Davi, David Hohme, David Starfire, Eli Escobar, Deep Jesus, Jon Charnis, Kelly Kellam, Lee Reynolds, Oona Dahl, Saand, The Scumfrog, Tara Brooks, and many many more!

The Electrocute Enchanted-Troupe will return to the festival as well as Kaytibunny and Immersion NYC. Immsersive Environments and Theme Camps, Live Painting, Body Painting, Dance, and Meditation will also take place.

preview-gratitude migration-lineup

15 – 17 July | Gratitude Migration | Tickets | Keansburg, New Jersey

Words by Saxe Coulson