July 7th will see a brand new festival unfold in Hertfordshire: Back of Beyond is from the team behind the popular Dry Events and will bring together dance music lovers of all ages thanks to its on point mix of contemporary heroes and enduring stars.

The likes of Latmun, Detlef, Faithless, Sandy Rivera, Nick Curly, The Shapeshifters, Josh Butler, Bontan and many more will all play at Frogmore Hill across a mix of woodland and main stages, with a VIP area and much more.

Here we speak to the man behind it all to find out more.

“we never rest on our laurels”

*Who is behind this festival and what experiences do they have?*
The festival is being organised by DRY EVENTS, a new collaboration formed by the team behind the DOGHOUSE (Ricky & Yvette Harding), and their Promotions/Digital partner (David Kirby).

The DOGHOUSE have been responsible for a number of dance events including a pop-up nightclub and multiple festival takeover stages. Most notable of their productions are the hugely successful DOG & WHISTLE events.

*How did it come about? What was the initial idea? Have you spotted a gap in the market?*
Back of Beyond festival is a natural progression for us due to the huge demand of the Dog & Whistle events. Additionally we’ve also seen the increase in the number of UK festivals in recent years, plus attendance to our other events continues to grow year on year. For these reasons we believe there’s a real need for a local, one-day dedicated dance festival in Herts.

*How long did it take to get off the ground?*
This is a brand new IP, but we have hit the ground running due to the experience we have already. All acts are booked, the date announced (07/07/18) and ticket sales are going very well with all our early bird tickets sold out already and the other tiers selling fast. It’s a great start.

*What have been the key things for you to get right, what do you really want to be your unique selling point?*
Securing the site obviously was a big one and making sure we got some key acts on board was crucial. Branding and perception is another challenge as we obviously do not have any media yet as this is our first one!

We feel our main USP is the way we do events, we are passionate about throwing the best parties and we look at this festival as the ultimate reflection of that. Judging from the response we have had so far, we feel we are doing well, but we never rest on our laurels, it’s all a learning curve, especially this first year!

*What have been the biggest challenges so far? Eg have the council been helpful and happy to support etc?*
This is our first festival, its much bigger than any of the Dog and Whistle events, so our biggest challenge we see is making sure enough people know about it. That said, tickets are selling fast and we’re looking forward to delivering a day/night to remember!

*What informed the bookings, are they personal favourites or people who don’t play the area often or?*
We have a working relationship with agents and that has helped with the bookings etc, but we love all the acts appearing and they have been hand selected by the DRY Events team.

*There is a real mix of fresh tech house and old school legends – why is that? Do they work together do you think?*
There will be different areas/stages with different vibes and we wanted to try to appeal to a diverse mix of young and not so young festival goers. The great thing about dance music is that it does tend to unite people across all the genres and age groups.

*Tell us about the location, why you chose it and why it’s good?*
The location is perfect! Set in the countryside, it’s not too big yet not too small, with areas to discover and explore. It’s also in-between two fairly big towns, which both have direct train links to London, so that helps also.

*What else will there be apart from the music – so food, drink, attractions etc?*
We will have a many bars (including a cocktail bar in the VIP area) a food corner, face painting, merch stalls and all the usual festival shenanigans happening!

*What are you most looking forward to about this year’s first event?*
It all going off smoothly and safely is our primary concern, but just to see everyone enjoying the hard work we are putting in behind the scenes to make it amazing.


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