Groove Odyssey are Bobby & Steve a legendary pair of figures within the dance world.

They have long been putting on their own parties with some key selectors like Norman Jay, Dimitri From Paris and Joey Negro. On March 25th they do it again at Ministry of Sound with Terry Hunter, Phil Asher and many more, and then from May 19th to May 22nd they host out in Ibiza with the likes of Joey Negro, DJ Spen and Mike Dunn. Back in the day they were big int he warehouse party game but now prefer to do things poolside. Here we catch up with these long time pillars of the scene to find out more.

“Who would have ever thought, 2 twins from Forest Gate East London was behind this amazing event”

How are you, how has the year been so far?
We’re great thanks and 2017 couldn’t of started better.

Do you set goals and have hopes and targets for the year? Can you share those with us?
We do have goals, lots of hope and targets, one of them was to organise a 4 day weekender in Ibiza and sell it out and it’s nearly there.

As well as being DJs you have a long history of promoting parties – what got you into that? What kept you doing it?
We started djing and promoting on the same night back in 1984, we promoted and played at our own night and had 250 people every Friday @ Simpsons in Forest Gate East London. It worked back then and still works today. In some ways you could say we’ve been blessed with bringing people together.

What are the key ingredients to any party do you think – can you have a good sound system and nothing else, say, or are there many parts tot he puzzle?
There are many parts to a successful party. The first thing is you have to be liked, have a cool spot, great dj line up, sound system and remember to look after your customers and that entertainment comes first.

Which are your favourite memories from parties you have promoted? Any really stand out?
We have collected many fond memories from our events over the years, but one has to be doing our first ever event at the Clevelander hotel, ocean drive, South Beach for the Miami Winter Music Conference, just looking out at the 2k Plus people and then you had south beach as a back drop and it was a daytime pool party! Who would have ever thought, 2 twins from Forest Gate East London was behind this amazing event in Miami, and that was the first of 21 consecutive events in Miami. And NYD 2016 Groove Odyssey with MAW at the Ministry Of Sound was amazing for us,

And what have been the biggest challenges?
One of our biggest challenges was running our night called “Garage City” which was soulful, deep, disco fused New York house music, based around the infamous night club, Paradise Garage. We ran that night every Saturday for 3 years back in 1991 – 1993 with 1,000 customers every Saturday night, and in those days it wasn’t heard of and we smashed it!!! THAT WAS HARD WORK !!

What are you most looking forward to about Groove Odyssey in 2017?
Looking at all those happy faces, all coming together for a great time for 4 amazing days

What has been the hardest bit or most rewarding bit to get right in all this? Did anything nearly kill you in arranging it?
The hardest thing has been organising the dj set times, we’ve got such a great line up and would love to hear everyone play all day & night. The most rewarding thing has been watching it selling out.

Who is your target audience, have you aimed it at anyone in particular?
Our target audience is 25 – 55 year olds, who love good house music and disco classics

Tell us about the bookings, why you chose the ones you have – do you have relationships with them or are they personal heroes or?
A lot of the djs we have booked have been playing for us for a while, it’s very important that the musical programming is spot on across the 4 days & nights, so we need reliable, consistent dj’s and singers who know how to entertain.


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