You might not know much about agencies like Gai Sia, but you should: it is their hard work that makes all your partying possible.

This agency is only a year old but is already well known for some great acts like Jesse Calosso, Birds of Mind and Salome, as well as for putting on their own events with, for example, Jamie Jones and The Martinez Brothers, Carl Cox and Dan and Dyed from Apollonia. They just trend one with a big bash in Dubai and this summer head to Ibiza for some pop up parties, a shop space, and to promote Black Coffee’s new night at Hi Ibiza. They have much more in the word, too, so here we chat about all that and more.

“…we love to take care of everyone”

Who is behind the agency, how did you come together and what made you start it?
We are 3 people behind Gia Sai, Ivan Fernandes, Joaquin Justinien and Bryan Anzala. Bryan and joaquin knows each other since they are born and they met Ivan in Ibiza. Since this day they became friends and this friendship grew over the seasons. After many years working with the artists and the promoters, we wanted to make discover new artists, to create a new way to represent them and to do something different than other people.

What was the aim and the plan, did you know you wanted to do events, management, bookings etc all straight away?
The aim was to put the brand and the artists on the industry map and make them grow “organically” from there. We always knew we were going to do management/bookings, and also events to promote our Dj’s and our brand.

What are the key things to get right as an agency, what makes a successful one do you think? Relationships, contacts, trust, branding, the names you sign or something else?
The keys for success as an agency is Contacts, relationship, trust and organisation. If you succeed to have all of this you in the good path! The branding comes later, a lot of agencies we know don’t really communicate on their name but we choose to make our name a force we can use and that people can remember easily!

What have been the biggest challenges in the first year do you think? What has been really hard?
The biggest challenge was to go from an idea to something real. We had a lot of projects we wanted to do but some of them actually never happened. It was also hard to go to new cities where no one expected us, and do our events there, we didn’t know what could happen but everytime we had great moments in those city’s!

And what are you most proud of? What makes you happiest when you think about the first year?
We are really proud of what we achieve so far, when we created the agency we were only dreaming of doing parties in some places, and finally we did events in most of those places. We are also happy about the feedback we receive from friends and people, everyone is supporting us and that’s what make us continue to push everyday!

Tell us about the events you do – who is in charge of them, how do you decide where to party and who to book?
The 3 of us are in charge of the events, we deciding together where we wanna go, who to book etc
Communication is the key in Gia Sai Agency!

What makes your events different and special from all the rest, what do you pride yourselves on?
We believe our events have a special vibe cause we love to take care of everyone, international dj’s, our Dj’s, our guests, the promoters, the workers…Everyone have to feel comfortable, in the mood to party, or to work during the party, we really put effort on this and we think it’s really important for these kind of parties!

You have collaborated with some big brands – how do these come about? What makes you want to work with someone, or some party, or festival?
The collaborations happened cause we know the people behind these big brands. Most of the times we have been working with them before, so they trusted us, knew how we work and supported us when we had launch the Agency! What makes us want to work with them is because we knew they were doing good things and they shared the same values as us! Most of them are a real source of motivation for us, they have been our mentor in the party scene!

Tell us about some of the key acts on your agency and what makes them great, what made you want to sign them?
We know all our artists since years, we always supported them even when we didn’t have the agency.
We always believed in them and this what made us want to sign and represent them! Gia Sai Agency is a real family, and we are all helping each other’s to get better and grow altogether!

What have you got coming up/are you exited about/working on?
We are super excited about this new season in ibiza, we have the chance to work for a new club and a new party which doesn’t happen often in ibiza! Gonna be a really busy summer but we are more than ready to take this challenge 😉

Gia Sai Agency