Regression Sessions is one of the most prominent promotions in the country. The touring night sets up in many different cities at only the finest spaces, and brings wild atmosphere, expert music selections and unmatched production to every event.

Venues in the recent past include the vast and raw warehouses of Canal Mills in Leeds and Motion in Bristol, plus unique spaces like Antwerp Mansion in Manchester, Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh, Plug in Sheffield, Fire & Lightbox in London and many more. 2017 will also see the crew hosting stages at Secret Garden Party and We Are FSTVL among others.

Here we speak to one of the mind’s behind RS, Mouch, to find out more.

How many people are involved with Regression sessions? Who does what?
We have a team of 6 in the office. We all chip into the creative aspects of it. We also work with an amazing production team called Okuru that build the sets and delivers them to the venues. Their attention to details is amazing!

What gave you the idea behind the brand, when was it born and where, what inspired or influenced it initially?
Me and a mate Anna had just come back from a summer of festivals. We were perplexed by how throughout summer we met so many people dressed in fancy dress, covered in glitter with zero attitude at all, having a ball to some amazing electronic music. Then, come September, it seemed that it was all over. No one was being silly and clubbing seemed all very serious in a dark rooms, everyone dressed in boring clothes. The only nights where people would go out of there comfort zone were not really our cup of tea. Playing chart music and in clubs I stopped going to when i was 16/17. We thought to ourselves, why is there not that same style of event we experienced in summer at the festivals, only in a nightclub.

You have an immersive approach to your parties – where did that come from – it’s about more than just music, right?
Music is the most important thing as we take our tunes very seriously. We’ve been booking in some great acts over the past couple of months alongside our growing residents including Russ Yallop, Subb-an and Adam Shelton. We just wanted to add something more. A person’s whole night is not just about music. You make new friends, have fun with old friends and generally have a great time and get involved. We also had Citizenn playing at Fire this month, as well as having Dungeon Meat, Raf Daddy and Marshall Jefferson and some very special guests TBA for NYE at Great Suffolk Street Warehouse.

Adam Shelton @ Regression Sessions

How do you decide which cities to hit? Do you suss out demand first or just make the plunge?
Venues are very important in the factor. We need a certain size and style of venue for us to work in. There is a lot of planning that goes into it. We tour around 7-10 different cities and no club is the same. So when designing a set we have to think about the size of the smallest venue and its stage / ceiling / entrance as well as the biggest. The sound system and back end are also really important – you will never catch us at a carpet and chrome club with a second rate sound system.

What are the key ingredients to get a party right in your experience? What is most important when you are planning an event?
People and music are the basic most important things to us. Without that, we wouldn’t have a party.The wow factor and the extras are what makes you different from the next promoter. We’ve learnt a lot since our first tour last year in the planning up to an event. Having 5 events across 5 cities in 3 weeks is a daunting task and very demanding for everyone in the team. The most important thing in planning these events is to stay on top of all aspects well in advance, so you’re not in a mad panic two days before it all kicks off.

What are you most proud of over the years with Regression Sessions?
Thats a tricky one. We are setting up a label and when that has been done and we have released some of the music we have in store, that’s what I will be most proud of I reckon. But for now its just some of the emails we get in from people. People are often shocked at what we have in the club. That’s always nice. I’m proud of the team we have too, there’s a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes and to see all these ideas finally come to life in the club scene, it really is an amazing feeling.

Can you share any tales from the road?
The majority of the stories are either really extreme or just a bit boring. We had some original hippies come down to one of our Hippy Trippy Shakedown events and they were amazing. Lovely people who complimented us on the vibe of the party being as close to the summer of love as they had experienced. That was nice.

Why should people come to the Regressions parties? What will they find?Our themes and production are something to come and check out for sure as they really are something different and wonderful! They will find something new at each event as well as amazing music across multiple rooms and some really genuinely lovely people. If you search the venue hard enough, you’ll also come across our famous ball pits and space hoppers..

What tunes really stick in your mind as synonymous with RS? Any classics?
Oh so many. It’s a lot of the classics that really get hammered at the end when we are all drunk and the lights come on. Josh Wink’s ‘I’m Talking to You’ has been hammered at almost every gig so far on this tour during peak time, and the whole venue just explodes. That track just strikes a nerve every time! Tracks you might here at close include Midnite Jackers – Loving You or Sister Sledge – Lost in Music.

We always like to leave everyone on a highnote and wanting more.

Tell us about your residents, what they play, where you found them?
They are a mixture of old friends and DJs I’ve listened to on the circuit for years. We have two super talented guys called Jack Swift and Devstar, both of whom are absolute wizards on the decks and who have gained massive support over the past couple of years. Seriously talented guys! Alongside them we also have Granite State and Mista Bounce who have been with us a year now and they’ve grown from strength to strength, often closing out our nights with a special b2b teasing in and out of house and rolling techno before ending the nights on a high note.

We also have a strong DnB fan base too, and DJ SD is our number one resident for this. He’s a serious force on the decks who often performs mammoth 4-hour sets in room 2.

What’s next after this season of events?
We have a couple of new themes we are building. For NYE we will be bringing our new concept ‘Let’s Get Weird’. This will essentially be exactly what it says on the tin. Expect all sorts of weird creatures to come out to play. After this we will be touring the Hippy Trippy theme again whilst working on a new them called the ‘Land of Nod’ behind scenes which will be ready for our return to Secret Garden party next year.

Regression Sessions