For the past decade, Mixology has built an electronic music promotion that is one of the most revered in the East of England. 

They host legendary Mixology Warehouse events, as well as the iconic UNDER series which takes place at Nene Parkway Flyover, under a motorway bridge in a concrete industrial wasteland. 

The next one is in August and Darius Syrossian, East End Dubs, ALISHA and more will all play. 

Here we speak to the people behind it to find out more.
Tell us about you day to day job and what you regularly take care of?
My day to day consist of all aspects as a promoter. Marketing updates, operational duties, artist bookings and finance.
How did covid impact your party, its growth and plans?
Unfortunately yes. After doing regular events every month for 8 years in a row, we had to take a break for 1.5 years. But during lockdown we managed to find & obtain a premises license for an amazing location (under Nene Parkway) and came back stronger than ever.
How did you first get into promoting and why? Tell us about mixology, how it came to be, how it has evolved?
When I first moved to Peterborough 12 years ago, there were a lot of small house music events but not a regular night. I’ve managed to bring 4 different promoters together and we started the Mixology nights 10 years ago. It took us 6 months to build it up, just residents playing at events and printing free CDs, building a community. Once we know it was ready to take it to next step, we booked Miguel Campbell for our October 2012 event and haven’t looked back since then. 
What are the key things to get right at any party and why?
3 key aspects. Venue, Music & Crowd. If one fails unfortunately rest will suffer. A dream for any promoter is having full control over all 3 aspects. Unfortunately if one of them fails, it can take down the whole brand with it. 
What are some of the best moments you had had with the party?
So many great moments to choose from. To name a few: When Ben Westbeech cancelled on us on the last minute, we managed to get Danny Daze. Who end up playing the best set -still to this date. Or when we had Bicep right after they came out of the studio and played 7 new tracks that were the staple of their sets next 2 years! 
Tell us about the UNDER concept and how it came to be?
We have been looking for an outdoor venue for the last 8 years. One of our dj friends notified us about this incredible location while he was doing a bike ride just before the lockdown. Under of a huge flyover, lots of grafitti, I’m the middle of the biggest park in Peterborough -proper raw rave spot! We fall in love straight away! Unfortunately the lockdown made us delay our plans 1 year. 2021 summer we decided to take a massive risk and gone ahead with our first trial event with Skream. Had enormous support from the local community and managed to pull it off without a hitch and secured our license. 
What should people expect at the next one, is there anything new?
This year we started our first show with Solardo & Maur on 30th April. Next will be on 13th August with Darius Syrossian, East End Dubs & Alisha -our biggest line up to date! Expect a state of art Void Soundsystem and production. 
What are you most excited about for the next one?
We are very excited to see Peterborough’s own Alisha headlining her first Under. Her very first dj set was at a Mixology event years ago and from that moment it was very clear that she will be going places. She now is touring all around the world and just had a Beatport Minimal Tech No.1 with her Eastenderz release.