Found lying on the side of the road with a cracked skull in East London, police are figuring if a brutal attack was brought on by a rare Japanese vinyl….

Hmm…the vinyl in question, ‘Awakening’ by Japanese artist Hiroshi Sato featuring Wendy Matthews – valued at around £100, went missing along with the victims iPhone 6 (which, honestly, may have been the real target here). Due to a loss of memory from the concusiion, the victim Christopher Mapleston has not been able to cooperate with police who are still asking the public for assistance.

The Detective Constable on the scene has stated:

“We cannot be certain whether Christopher’s injury was the result of a fall or an attack. One line of enquiry is that he may have been the victim of a robbery as he was found without his iPhone 6.

“Having spoken to his friends we now know that Christopher was also in possession of a limited edition record which has yet to be located. I am appealing to anyone who may have found it or has been offered the item for sale to get in contact with us immediately.

I would also like to speak to anyone who saw Christopher between the railway station and Arbuthnot Road. He was wearing a distinctive green camouflage jacket.”

So, have you seen this rare record:


Source: The Sun