MOGA returns to its spiritual home in Morocco for a 5th edition from October 4th to 8th.

This is s spiritual and cultural gathering likens other and the music plays out across multiple stages at Mogador Golf Hotel & Spa with organic production and a very warm and friendly crowd.

Musically there is plenty to get excited about from international stars to talented locals playing authentic live performances.

Here are some reasons not to miss it.


Things really are well curated at MOGA so you can look forward to A Guy Called Gerald, Gene On Earth, Guedra Guedra, Jayda G, Fumiya Tanaka, Malika, Margaret Dygas, Maayan Nidam, Peach, Maurice Fulton, Quest, Dyed Soundorom, Portable, Rhadoo, Oceanvs Orientalis, Prins Thomas and more.


This historic and ancient spot (it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) oozes history and atmosphere with plenty of ancient stone architecture to explore. It is also where Games of Thrones is filmed in part, as well as Star Wars so is a real traveller lovers delight.

The Extras

Beyond the music there is plenty that will nourish your soul at MOGA – not least the sunsets and sand beaches which will leave you mesmerised as you party in such paradise.

OFF Programme

Essaouira will host a two-day OFF programme again this year across various Souiri establishments. They will include the likes of workshops, yoga classes, and concerts at La Sqala which offer extra fun for the week.

The People

This is not just your average European crowd – Mega is about digital nomads from all over the world who gather in Essaouira each year as some sort of cultural pilgrimage. They are friendly and happy to dance non stop rather than just pose for photos and in all 16,000 festival-goers over 5 days will come from all across the globe.


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