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Vietnam’s EPIZODE Festival Sets Underground Asian Electronic Music Bar

It’s not every January that you get to start the calendar year on a small, secluded, picturesque island buoyed by an effervescent mixture of beauty, tranquility, culture and mystery. By signing up to take in all the joys that Epizode Festival has to offer, in what was to be its first year being a fixture on the techno festival circuit, the dream was to become a reality for me last week.  Phu Quoc was my destination to partake in all things underground on the techno scene, with an array of established talent that featured such stars as dOP, Tiefschwarz, Edu ... Read more

Review: Paolo Rocco – I Know You Wanna Say It EP

Paolo Rocco’s last EP was featured right here on Deep House London not too long ago, and now he’s back with a brand spanking new four-tracker for French label La Vie En Rose. “I Know You Wanna Say It” features two tracks which come in both ‘vox’ and ‘dub’ versions for those who like to be able to choose whether they have a vocal or not. The title track is typical Paolo Rocco, which is no bad thing at all… Crisp percussion sits on top of an analogue b-line that oozes funk. As the track progresses Rocco introduces a breezy ... Read more

Review: Bobby B – History/So True EP

Bobby B AKA Bobby Browser joins the Icee Hot family with this new EP. The San Fran label is one of our favourites here at Deep House London with a recent slew of interesting releases, in particular Avalon Emerson’s storming “Pressure”. Now we have Mr. Double B with two original tracks and a couple of remixes – one by Ghosts On Tape and the other by the always fresh John Talabot. First up is “History” which comes forth with crunchy percussion, a wobbling bassline and a righteous spoken-word sample. Though it’s not quite up to the standards of Icee’s recent ... Read more

Review: Nail – A-Block Trax Vol.3

Nail has attained cult status thanks to his impeccable productions, his work as part of the legendary duo Bent and his recent reappearance after a hiatus a few years back. His tracks are played by many of the house scene’s most respected selectors from Zip to Apollonia and his music is always on point. On that note we bring your attention to the 3rd installment in his ‘A-Block Trax’ series on Phil Weeks’ label Robsoul. This four-track package is the latest in a series which has never failed to impress the Deep House London team. It kicks off with “Together”, ... Read more

Review: Nicson – Cannonball EP

Nicson is a Spanish producer and record label owner based in London. He runs Flumo Recordings, a favourite of us here at Deep House London, and has released with some very respectable labels so far, including the mighty Holic Trax, Upon You, My Favorite Robot and his own Flumo label of course. After remixing Luca Lozano for Tim Green’s excellent Disc Over Records he is back on the label with his own solo EP, which also features a remix from veteran producer Nail. Across three tracks Nicson displays his penchant for the more offbeat side of house music, it’s great ... Read more

Review: Fanick – Ondatra EP

Straight out of St.Petersburg, Russia, comes Fanick, a young man who has been active since his early teens. He started early and is reaping the benefits of those years spent practising on the ones and twos signing his latest release to one of Deep House London’s favourite labels, Overall Music. This EP is typical Overall style; groovy, deep and utterly irresistable. It comes with two originals and two remixes and makes for a great little package. Opening with the title track, we’re gripped straight away by crisp, skippy 4×4 beats and a smooth absorbing bassline. It emits a mellow warmth ... Read more

Review: Cleavage & Lars Vegas – Grace

We all know Detroit Swindle, the Dutch duo who have been taking the world by storm over the last couple of years. Of course before the duo got together they were had successful careers as individuals. One half of the twosome recently got together with Cleavage to work on some new material and one of the tracks is this excellent new release on Toolroom. “Grace” is a track that most definitely lives up to its name. One of those summery jazz-infused tracks that lifts your mood instantly. From its smooth, euphoric breakdown featuring a glorious female vocal, to the bright ... Read more

Review: Alan Doe – Kalinowska EP

France is always a reliable source of good quality music. In recent years their house music scene has become one of the best in the world, with players like Apollonia, Djebali, Franck Roger, D’Julz and many more helping to establish a strong and vibrant scene in Paris. One of our favourite labels based in the French capital is Rue De Plaisance, which is owned by the mighty Varoslav. Here we have the label’s latest release, which has been produced by Alan Doe, who is based in Berlin. The Kalinowska EP kicks off with the title track “Kalinowska” a 7-minute jaunt ... Read more

Review: V/A – Nine Bows EP

We’re big fans of garage-esque house music over here at Deep House London. We grew up on the UKG sound that was so prevalent in the mid to late 90s, so it’s always great to hear music that seems to be inspired by that period. Now here on Scucci Manucci we have a selection of eight tracks from various artists, mostly centred on a garagey kinda sound with a couple of exceptions. If you don’t know Sccucci Manucci, well you need to get to know… Here’s a perfect introduction. So the EP gets going with Brighton producer Aashton and “I ... Read more

Review: Julien Sandre – Diamonds EP

Julien Sandre comes from the new school, a producer who has dabbled in techno, tech house and straight up house vibes, he never sits still preferring to keep it moving with a slew of releases coming through in 2014 and plenty of gigs around Europe. Julien was born in Italy but resides in Paris, with dual nationality that comes through in his music – there’s a little Latin fire in there, with plenty of French soul and funk. His latest EP comes via the Nice To Be label, which is based in Italy. Diamonds contains three original tracks and a ... Read more

Review: DJ Tennis – Local EP

DJ Tennis has established himself via his label Life And Death and his influence on both the Italian scene and on the house and techno scene worldwide. He has always been someone who represented the underground side of music, whether it be indie, rock or electronic and his label is a reflection of this, always releasing interesting new music and supporting artists who go against the grain. This is his second solo outing on the label and is a great reflection of what Tennis is all about in the year 2014… Following the ‘Make It Good’ EP, which was released ... Read more

Review: Solomun – Samson EP

One of the house world’s standout names in recent years has been Solomun, from the rise and influence of his label Diynamic, to picking up a residency at Pacha in Ibiza, where his ‘Solomun +1’ party has taken off in a big way, the German star has made his presence felt and continues to pour his heart and soul into building his career. With so much energy put into touring and putting on parties all over the world, he hasn’t had much time to make new music, which makes this new EP a treat for all his fans. On the ... Read more

Review: Motions – All Gone EP

Here’s a great EP from someone who is undoubtedly one to watch – Motions is currently based in London, but originally hails from Vermont and spent time producing in Canada too (Montreal to be precise). He started out as one half of Grown Folk but recently stepped out on his own and relocated to our capital city to further his career after finishing his studies. So here we are – one of his first EPs as a solo artists comes courtesy of LA’s Body High label, owned by Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL. “All Gone” is the name of ... Read more

Review: DeejayKul – Feeling Good EP

DeejayKul is a Spanish artist who has been active since the late 80s. He has maintained a strong presence within Spain’s music scene over the years, from DJing in clubs to producing music for commercials. He was an exponent of the country’s Blacktronica movement, fuelled by his love of soul, hip-hip and RnB and has a remix portfolio that is brimming with top flight artists. On Gold Fingers he puts a deep house twist on an old classic. “Feeling Good” gets two rather nice mixes from the Spaniard, kicking off with his “DeejayKul meets Soultechnic Deepa Mix” – Soultechnic is ... Read more

Review: V/A – Deeper Than Rose

French label La Vie En Rose has been a favourite of ours for a little while now, with artists such as Dyed Soundorom, Javier Carballo, Hanfry Martinez and John Dimas contributing to their excellent catalogue of releases so far. Now, after 11 EPs, they bring us their first V/A compiled by label head, Terence :Terry: and it’s a killer. On the compilation we have four tracks that epitomise La Vie En Rose’s contemporary sound. This is a label that aims to present music that is timeless and forward-leaning. As well as this, we should add that the artists assembled on ... Read more