RPMM is a brand new city festival experience in Portugal which will take place July 28th and 29th 2018 in beautiful Porto, one of Europe’s most historic cities in a UNESCO Heritage site.

It comes from the minds of an experienced group of promoters, and has artistic director Jonny TV in charge of making it look as good as it sounds. The main festival venue will be the historic 12th century listed build – Alfandega which will set the atmospheric festival site for the likes of headliners Matthew Dear, Damian Lazarus, Âme, Guy Gerber, Francesca Lombardo and many others, whilst an array of after parties will take place at various other underground venues around Porto.

Here we speak with Mario Matos, the man behind Europe’s newest festival escapade to find out more about what people can expect from the festival and the city of Porto itself.

“We hope the people will venture out and discover the amazing city of Porto!”

Introduce yourself, tell us what you do on the day to day, what’s your job like?
I’m originally from Portugal (Lisbon) and I moved to London in 1995 full of passion for life and energy.
Not much as changed on that front! My role in rpmm is to identity our partners and work alongside our super creative talented team to ensure our maiden event will be one to remember.

As the director I basically have a hand on everything and do what the brand and the team needs to me do so we can host a super fun festival!

What is the mission statement of RPMM? What are your core values?
Our ethos is to be inclusive and host events that focuses on the details not only big international lineups, sound, creative production and lighting it’s the small things that people remember.

What is Jonny TV’s involvement? What will he do exactly?
We have an amazing group of people working on this project from different backgrounds and experiences.
Jonny is first and foremost a friend and someone who shares my love for Portugal and its talented people! In fact Jonny was a part of the music scene in 90’s in Lisbon back in the day when he was a fresh faced English lad.

We are very fortunate to have him as our creative director and board member.

Will there be anything else apart from the music? Food, drink, cultural or art exhibits etc?
We hope the people will venture out and discover the amazing city of Porto! This in my humble opinion is going to add that something extra you don’t get when you are out on a field (by the way Iove a good field as much as anyone but an urban multi venue festival offers you something different)

Tell us about the location, why you chose it and why it’s good?
Alfandega crongress centre is a beautiful river side historical building and perfect for a summer outdoor event.

The building will be brought to life once Jonny goes to work on the artistic production and visuals!!

Will you involve local DJs and promoters? Is that important to you?
100% – this a core value of ours and we will be announcing more details in phase 2 around the local participants

What about the diversity of the line-up, the gender balance and such, have these things been important in deciding the line-up?

For sure and we want to have a good balance of both national and international talent that represents the pool of female and male talent out there.

What tips have you got for anyone coming for the first time? What should they do/bring/check out?
I would personally stay in an air b&b with friends and keep some time to discover the city and visit one of the many Porto wine cellars at some point. There is so much to discover from food to architecture to the ancient wine cellars along the Douro river.

What are you personally most looking forward to about the event?
It’s going a bit of a special one for me as it’s my 40th in June so I will be celebrating my birthday at rpmm festival with friends and family and all you so I can feel tears coming!

Can you tease us any more surprises re the line-up or anything?
Well trust me when I say that there’s much more to be announced in phase 2 and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to travel to Portugal in the summer and discover Porto and enjoy amazing music in a beautiful location surrounded by great fun people as dance into the night!!

Now who would say no to that 🙂

28 – 29 July | RPMM Festival | Tickets | Porto, Portugal