Toolroom Records kick off 2015 with a new installment of their top quality ‘Freedom Of The DJ’ documentary series and we really enjoyed this one. It features up and comer Weiss, who we follow from the studio to the club – an experience that countless artists go through every week, but one which (to our knowledge) hasn’t really been highlighted very much.

We see him pondering his music, having a jam in the studio and putting the finishing touches to his track with Pete Griffiths – A&R from Toolroom. He’s playing at Fire that same night, so decides to finish it up and put it to the test in the south London club.

[youtube id=”FQQHLRAk4Dw” width=”620″ height=”360″]

“There’s no better place to test your music out than a club,” he says. “When I play my track out for the first time it’s very nerve-wracking. Sometimes my hands are shaking before I press the play button but, once it gets going, and I see the crowd react in a good way then it’s all good from there on.”… too true. Weiss also credits DJing with helping to grow in confidence as a person, which is lovely to hear. It’s a pursuit that can definitely help someone improve as a person, not only in their appreciation of music but also in their confidence and self-esteem.

A great movie we’re sure you’ll agree, much respect to Weiss and Toolroom for their efforts.

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