Ukrainian artist SHMN has a long history of delivering emotionally charged dance music which is as effective in headphones as it is on dance floors. Rich with cinematic soundscapes, swooning synths, and nifty drum programming – his work often holds an ethereal quality and has most recently seen the light of day through his very own label simply titled SHMN.

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Following on from the inaugural LP on his label – SHMN presents his next single «Sweet Dreams» which features vocals from Monty Wells. Here, we see SHMN apply his signature flare to a more classical, mainstream song format. Adroit sound design and hefty, club-ready drums form the substance of a track that carries the distinctive SHMN sound. Thick, heady synths are set ducking under a sharp, staggered kick while racing snares stutter and push progress forwards.

Gradually, the track opens out, allowing vocals to spread through delays and reverb before a powerful piece of club music that expertly straddles the bridge between commercial and underground electronic music.

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