Subb-an has had an enduring presence on the UK underground scene since the mid-2000s.

Treading that ever so fine line between house, techno and minimal, it’s a signature swagger and technical polish that defines Subb-an as a DJ. Touring the globe as the likes of DC10, Panorama Bar, Stereo, Warung, D-edge, Amnesia and major league festivals such as Glastonbury, Gottwood and Detroit Movement, Subb-an now returns to London’s Fabric for the first time since its reopening. Anticipating the most special event, Subb-an was kind enough to give us 10 of his favorite tracks to play at the London hotspot.

On this selections, Subb-an says:

“The ten tracks below I have selected because they all remind me of Fabric in some way or another. Either tracks I’ve heard Craig or Ricardo playing in Room 1, tracks I’ve played in the club and then some Fabric sounding tracks, some of which that will for sure be in my record bag when I play on the 21st. For me there is 100% a Fabric sound, and all of these have it!”

One Records will be taking over Room 2 on 21 January at Fabric with Subb-an, Adam Shelton, Cab Drivers LIVE, and Jack Wickham.

Carsten Jost – W.U.O. (Eight Miles High Remix)

Akufen – Architextures 1

Brett Johnson & Dave Barker – Stucco Homes

Brooks Mosher – Encroachment

Minimal Man – Make A Move Pt. 1

Paranoid London Feat Paris Brightledge – Dub 1

Aux 88 – Aux Mind

Sonja Moonear – Hans

Herbert – Take Me Back

Trevino – Backtracking (Original Mix)

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