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Party Tips: November 28/30

Silly season is just around the corner (that’s Christmas party season in case you didn’t know), so why not get prepared for the crazy month by getting in there early and training yourself up? Ok, we’re messing, but on a serious note whether next month will be a busy one or not there’s no excuse to miss out on all the brilliant parties happening this weekend. Check out our guide below for the best of the best… Thursday Studio Barnhus: Baba Stiltz + Kornél Kovács at Plastic People Two of Studio Barnhus’ best come to London for the capital’s strongest ... Read more

Exclusive Interview: Keith Worthy

If you’re a clued-in type, you’ll no doubt already be aware of Keith Worthy and the spirited, unusual and non-conformist music that he supplies via his Aesthetic Audio imprint. Unsurprisingly, the man himself is as unconventional as the music he produces, and in light of that fact, the title of his brilliant debut album, ‘The Price of Non-Conformance’, is nothing if not apt. A true pioneer of discerning sounds, the Detroit native has long been a reputable go-to man for those in the know. His latest offering however, looks set to elevate his career further still. We quizzed him recently, ... Read more