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[Interview] Jan Blomqvist & The Importance Of Disconnection

Two years after his debut “Remote Control”, that led Jan Blomqvist and his band around the world, he has returned with an album that falls in line both stylistically and sonically with his distinct sound. “Disconnected” draws from heady themes of broken connections, incoherent narratives, and escapes from reality, exploring the meaning of being disconnected in thirteen tracks. Gradually released across 3 mini albums over the summer, now the complete piece has been released, connecting the disconnected narrative and aiming for insight into the behaviors and necessities of our day, age, and generation. Over the summer, we managed to bring ... Read more

Premiere: Jan Blomqvist - Elephant Shunned [Armada Electronic Elements]

Over the summer, Jan Blomqvist has steadily released a trio of EPs anticipating his forthcoming album, “Disconnected” and tomorrow the album arrives! Exploring the meaning of being disconnected in thirteen tracks, the album connects this narrative both visually and auditorily. From the pre-releases, we’ve premiered a steady stream of material taken from the album and now present a typically melodic and philosophical cut from the finished product. “Disconnected” is available 5 October on Armada Electronic Elements

Premiere: Jan Blomqvist - Bridge Over Novocaine (Extended Mix)

The third EP of Jan Blomqvist’s brand-new album, ‘Disconnected – Part Three’ sees ‘Noun Destroys’ and ‘Bridge Over Novocaine’ take the spotlight. See also: The Space In Between (Original Mix) | Synth For The Devil (Extended Mix) With the foreboding vocals fully enveloped by the alluring arpeggios and enigmatic chord progressions, these two cuts are all it takes for listeners to fall in love with the ‘Disconnected’ album Disconnected – Part Three is available 7 September on Armada Electronic Elements

Premiere: Jan Blomqvist - Synth For The Devil (Extended Mix)

Comprising another set of alluring mood-setters, Jan Blomqvist‘s “Disconnected – Part Two” picks up where the first part of his brand-new album left off. From the timid yet enthralling ‘Maybe Not’ to the mystical ‘Synth For The Devil‘, “Disconnected Part Two” offers two new cuts the world of dance music can connect with. See also: Premiere: Jan Blomqvist – The Space In Between (Original Mix) Disconnected – Part Two is available 20 July on Armada Electronic Elements