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ByDay ByNight Announces Spring/Summer Series Throughout London

Byday ByNight heads into its third year with another curated series of events at various venues around London. Byday ByNight is a creative party collective of professional promoters that run for up to 14 hours and populated by party people who really know their stuff. It makes for colourful atmosphere at each event, where both local upcoming talents and world renowned stars all provide coherent soundtracks. These sprawling parties evolve through different moods as afternoons turn to eveningas and, aside from the music, there is always a special focus on exciting production to add more magic to each event. From ... Read more

Interview: GREY:MATTER

GREY:MATTER is a direct extension of London-based, Grey Area Bookings – Artist Booking & Management Agency. Launched in 2015, GREY:MATTER is an expression of the vision shared by Grey Area bookings. A night that resides away from the beaten path, in the shadows of where musical sincerity is found. An ever evolving series of events; agency-showcases, live shows, label nights, album tours – exploring the subterranean depths of Techno, Ambient and Electronica. GREY:MATTER stands for something. It is a social experiment. Our contribution to the movement. A community. Following an amazing last party of 2015, hosting Stephan Bodzin‘s album tour, ... Read more