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Mix #69 By Sevendoors

Sevendoors mantra: no gimmicks, no clicks, no clichés. With a passion for music evident, carefully crafting audio with feeling and emotion, SevenDoors is very much a concept, developed over many years and now unleashing itself upon the dance community. Pete Tong, who world-premiered 2 of his latest tracks on Exploited Ghetto and directly got in touch to secure a remix for FFRR artist Icarus, recognized this. While his current Diynamic track, a Sankeys Ibiza top 10, the epic ‘Movement of Whale’, is already one of the most hyped tracks on the net of 2015 (and we had it first), its b-side, ‘Megaptera’, ... Read more

Exclusive Interview: Brothers’ Vibe

Brothers ‘Vibe aka Tony Rodriguez, is a staunch member of the old-school. His is a sound that’s thus well versed in such sounds and attitudes, but his latest work proves he’s lost none of his zest in recent times. The latest such release is Black Ops Volume 1, a full-on collaboration with Dave Ellesmere that owes as much to techno as it does the Brothers’ house inclinations. We decided to catch up with the New Jersey native recently to find out what else has been going on in his world recently… How are you recently, Tony? Nice summer? You been ... Read more