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Review: Brixton Jamm – Official Relaunch Party

For many, many years now Brixton Jamm has been at the heart of a vibrant musical scene in South London. It has been the site of some legendary gigs and live shows cover many sonic bases. Rather than trade on its—albeit fantastic—history, though, the live music, club and eatery has recently spend some very wise time and money carefully upgrading the place that dates back to a different century, has been a long time inn and tavern and now hosts world class acts from across the globe. Amongst the stylish changes are the installation of a killer new avant guard ... Read more

Celebrate 60 years Of The UK Sound System

The UK’s first homegrown Sound System was brought over by Duke Vin in 1955, and it’s from this pivotal point that a culture was born. 2015 marks the Diamond Jubilee of the UK Sound System phenomenon. This October, Punch Records will present a celebratory tour to mark this momentous milestone, featuring two of the greatest roots, reggae and dub acts of all time.This five­ date, UK-wide event pairs one of the UK’s best known, foundational reggae Sound Systems, Channel One, ­with legendary producer and artist Mad Professor, whose music was created specifically to be played through Sound Systems. Channel One, ... Read more