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Premiere: Mr Raoul K & Rancido - Tamale Feat. Sona Diabate [Compost Records]

The first twelve inch to prelude Mr Raoul K‘s album ‘African Paradigm’ kicks off with a collaboration with Rancido, darker and gloomier than usual. Whirling pads and driving beats take twists and turns while diggin’ deep into the dark. After a while Sona Diabate’s vocals kick in and ‘Tamale’ takes off. Her powerful delivery provides some light in the shadows and the track begins to swing between ‘putting you in a trance’ and ‘raise your hands in the air’ with elegance and energy. “African Paradigm EP 1” is available 18 October on Compost Records

Premiere: Roland Appel – Handshake (Original Mix)

Roland Appel is a master of his class, enrolled in dance music for over 15 years, an expansive range of influence and experience has laid the foundation for him as both DJ and producer. In 1995, Roland Appel began his production career with Fuana Flash alongside fellow Munich musician Christian Prommer. The duo released “Butterfly Catcher” with Compost Records, as well as a number of other projects, both as Fauna Flash and also as Trüby Trio with Rainer Trüby. The trio released a series of Ep’s as well as the LP “Elevator Music”. Appel and Prommer also partnered with Peter ... Read more