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[Interview] Jan Blomqvist & The Importance Of Disconnection

Two years after his debut “Remote Control”, that led Jan Blomqvist and his band around the world, he has returned with an album that falls in line both stylistically and sonically with his distinct sound. “Disconnected” draws from heady themes of broken connections, incoherent narratives, and escapes from reality, exploring the meaning of being disconnected in thirteen tracks. Gradually released across 3 mini albums over the summer, now the complete piece has been released, connecting the disconnected narrative and aiming for insight into the behaviors and necessities of our day, age, and generation. Over the summer, we managed to bring ... Read more

[Interview] Moscoman

Hailing from Israel but based in Berlin, Moscoman has brought plenty of fresh perspective to house and techno. His rugged, dark and involving grooves come on his own Disco Halal label as well as many others. As a DJ he serves up intoxicating sets that take you into weird and wonderful worlds of sound and take him everywhere across the world, from Ibiza superclubs to leading festivals. Most recently has served up his entry into Diynamic’s Picture EP series and once again shown off the breadth and depth of his style. Here we speak to him about that, about working ... Read more


London-based DJ collective and label heads HOUSEKEEPING may have one of the most exciting and complete overall brands in House Music today. Founded in 2012 by DJs Jacobi, Taylor HK, Sebastian MDH and Carl Waxberg, as HOUSEKEEPING the quartet are renowned for (aside from top notch label curation) spectacular production and inimitable vibe, while their sell-out London shows are widely recognised as some of the best pop-up parties in the capital. Aside from their hometown, where they also take over fabric’s room three this Friday, HOUSEKEEPING also has a prominent International slate on their touring CV, having travelled to South America ... Read more

Interview: PillowTalk

Few people in this scene make dance music as emotive and hooky as PillowTalk. The American band write proper songs with a real sense of heart and emotion, and have been doing so for years. It’s come on labels like Kompakt and Wolf + Lamb and given rise to some big singles as well as a bunch of quality albums. And now they are back with another, “All People”, on their own label. It finds the band change line-up and welcome guests like expert trumpeter Greg Paulus, all while offering properly considered lyrics that touch on love, social issues and ... Read more

[Interview] John Digweed Reflects On 20 Years Of Bedrock

One of the planet’s most popular DJs, John Digweed‘s music never falls out of favour with clubbers the world over. The summer of 2018 marks several milestones in John Digweed’s musical journey, specifically with two projects released that celebrate and encapsulate the complete nature of his legacy. Firstly, released today, 22 June, “Bedrock XX” celebrates 20 years of John’s iconic imprint in the form of a 5x Vinyl/4x CD Deluxe box. Then, on 27 July, John releases the 10th instalment in his “Live in” series, this one coming straight from the Contact dancefloor with “Live in Tokyo”. With one on ... Read more

Interview: Thabo Getsome

Thabo Getsome is a DJ who had his roots deeply in hiphop and reggae before his love of electronic music took over and became the forefront of his productions and DJ sets. Now with a recent release ‘The Flute’ recently out on Cacao Records, we sat down with him to talk about those roots, why he made the change, and what he has coming up for us in the future… “Take your time, find your sound” How are you, how has the year been so far, what have been some highlights? Pretty good. Summer in Berlin started very early. And ... Read more

DHL Mix #211 + Interview By Milo Häfliger

From the very first instant of his sets, Milo Häfliger prepares listeners for an astonishing journey, inviting them to reconnect with their true selves. In the heart of unconsciousness, underlined by refined world sounds and highly emotional melodies, one gets seized by a world of sweetness with melancholic accents. The music selected by Milo raises stunning emotions and brings about strong messages, aiming to bring people together, opens their minds and lead us to forgotten values such as sharing, meeting, discovering. Here, let Milo Häfliger show you how as he brings a very special mix to our series alongside a ... Read more

Interview: Julie Marghilano

Julie Marghilano is a name that’s likely familiar to anyone with a deep understanding of contemporary minimal music. Based in Berlin, the U.S. native is the woman behind the Sol Asylum imprint, a label that’s come to prominence of late courtesy of Marghilano’s own exceptional productions as well as the many she’s signed to the label. As likely to feature more established acts as it is emerging ones, the label houses a discerning and infectious sound that’s hard not to fall for. What’s more, we’d a lot to speak about with Julie. A self-trained musician, Julie is also an accomplished ... Read more