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Premiere: Chaim - Ventilator Feat. Roei D [Disco Halal]

Chaim is back with more of his enchanting organic music, this time on Moscoman’s Disco Halal. The four-track EP comes after years of releasing on the likes of Rebirth, BPitch Control, Rumors, Supplement Facts, Visionquest, Saved, and Cocoon as well as on Disco Halal back in 2017. Here, “Ventilator Feat. Roei D” picks up the pace with more driving drums but again an intoxicating and exotic sense of melody “Your Mulana” is available 9 November on Disco Halal PRE ORDER

Premiere: Adam Port - Planet 9 [Diynamic Music]

Adam Port brings his first EP on Diynamic titled “Planet 9”. The title track had been recorded in the old Keinemusik studio, but had been hidden in the depths of Adam’s digital crates ever since. The guitar and bass are the works of Lukas Kay, one of Port’s oldest friends from back in his Punk/Hardcore days. Rediscovered by chance, when Solomun asked Port for unreleased material for his in-game-mix of Grand Theft Auto V Online, it was “Planet 9” that Solomun chose. “Planet 9” EP is available 19 October on Diynamic Music PRE ORDER

Premiere: Yarni - The Hole In The Road (trustless Remix) [Night Noise]

Following on from Yarni’s well-received debut album, as well as its heavily supported ‘Remixes Vol 1’ package earlier in the summer, Night Noise is back with the second of its two remix EPs. Wile ‘Vol 1’ was of a more experimental nature, ‘Vol 2’ is aimed more at the dance floor with Sheffield Percussion Club, LADS, Javier Orduna, Somethin’ Sanctified, and today’s premiere from trustless each serving up brilliant new versions. “Entkommen (The Remixes Vol 2)” is available 9 November on Night Noise

Premiere: Fabio Vanore - Theory Of A Dead Man (Original Mix) [Incroyable Music]

As ADE closes in once again the Incroyable Music collective return with the fourth edition of their Four Miles To Amsterdam EP with Fennec & Wolf, Fabio Vanore, Dopish and Bellville who also welcomes Turkish DJ icon BeeGee. Here, ‘Theory Of A Dead Man’ by Fabio Vanore takes a striking approach, sharp synth flurries burn over a looming walking foundation. “Four Miles to Amsterdam #04” is available 12 October on Incroyable Music

Premiere: Mr Raoul K & Rancido - Tamale Feat. Sona Diabate [Compost Records]

The first twelve inch to prelude Mr Raoul K‘s album ‘African Paradigm’ kicks off with a collaboration with Rancido, darker and gloomier than usual. Whirling pads and driving beats take twists and turns while diggin’ deep into the dark. After a while Sona Diabate’s vocals kick in and ‘Tamale’ takes off. Her powerful delivery provides some light in the shadows and the track begins to swing between ‘putting you in a trance’ and ‘raise your hands in the air’ with elegance and energy. “African Paradigm EP 1” is available 18 October on Compost Records

Premiere: Stevie R Feat. Djanan Turan & Master Dani - Misirlu (Acid Version) [Chapter 24 Records]

With “Tragedia”, Chapter 24 returns with seven stories in sound collected from artists all across the world to bring these themes to life. Featuring the likes of Several Definitions, Ian Blevins, Sam Pauli, and more it is Stevie R’s collaboration with vocalist Djanan Turan and violinist Master Dani on ‘Misirlu (Acid Version)’ that we premiere today. “Seven Stories: Tragedia” is available 12 October on Chapter 24 Records PRE ORDER

Premiere: Jan Blomqvist - Elephant Shunned [Armada Electronic Elements]

Over the summer, Jan Blomqvist has steadily released a trio of EPs anticipating his forthcoming album, “Disconnected” and tomorrow the album arrives! Exploring the meaning of being disconnected in thirteen tracks, the album connects this narrative both visually and auditorily. From the pre-releases, we’ve premiered a steady stream of material taken from the album and now present a typically melodic and philosophical cut from the finished product. “Disconnected” is available 5 October on Armada Electronic Elements

Premiere: Darlyn Vlys - Jupiter's Falling [Natura Sonoris]

Natura Sonoris brings “Space Disco”, the full debut EP from Darlyn Vlys to the label; a 2 track dancefloor driven gem and deep cosmic weave. Here, we feature it’s b-side, where Darlyn rides a moody wave of upbeat rhythms, rising synths and just right amount of funk. ‘Jupiter’s Falling’ is charged with power, soul, and character with melodic charm and passionate delivery. “Space Disco” is available 5 October on Natura Sonoris PRE ORDER

Premiere: Love Over Entropy & Mathias Schober - Ghosts (Trikk's Sunrise Vodun Ambient Mix) [Endless]

With their records consistently finding their way into the record boxes of the most highly esteemed DJs, Love Over Entropy and Mathias Schober team up for their debut “Ghosts” EP on ENDLESS. Here, on remix duty, Trikk delivers a unique sunrise interpretation of its title track. “Ghosts” is available 5 October on Endless

Premiere: Powel - Eolomea [All Day I Dream]

Powel returns to All Day I Dream with an EP that perfectly encapsulates the label’s emotive sound: beautiful and dreamy journeys to close your eyes to and float. Ever the perfectionist, Powel’s tracks have been heard in various revised forms until, finally, he was happy. If you’re expecting peak time bangers please move on immediately. However, if you love smooth flourishes of emotion and great beats then this is the package for you. “Eolomea” is available 28 September on All Day I Dream

Premiere: Wuachuma - Beyond The Moutains & The Sea [Saisons]

Montreal artist Wuachuma follows up an appearance on Lee Burridge & Hoj’s Tale & Tone imprint this past Summer with ‘Beyond The Mountains & The Sea’, the second ever release on Kora‘s recently launched Saisons imprint. Fast garnering a stellar reputation thanks to creating atmospheric and engaging compositions, many will know the artist formerly known as Adrien from his work on the dreamy ‘Nuit d’Afrique’. ‘Beyond The Mountains & The Sea’ is its own unique proposition. The track is a long-winding scenic gem rolling on a deep, solid groove. With a treasure trove of unreleased music at hand, Wuachuma is ... Read more

Premiere: Paris Green - Feelin’ (Jonathan Kaspar Remix) [Get Physical Music]

Since 2015, Jonathan Kaspar has turned heads with his characterful tech house productions on labels such as Pets Recordings, Upon You and Objektivity. Here, Jonathan debut’s with Get Physical Music as the label also welcomes back Paris Green for a superb new single, ‘Feelin’ with a pair of remixes. Today, we premiere the first of these remixes, which is an enchanting, dramatic track on a grand scale. It has a simmering lead synth line and drums brood below it before breaking into a deep groove. The original’s vocals float up top and send shivers down the spine, making this the ... Read more

Premiere: Atelier - Something To Fill An Hour (SBTH Instrumental)

Atelier‘s “Something To Fill An Hour” EP is a prelude to a full-length player to be released early next year. On the EP the beautifully crafted original is backed up by two remixes coming from Perel and the label heads Thomas and Mathias as SBTH. SBTH built a strong foundation based on a slightly broken, low end driven beat with loads of tension to give the vocal the right appearance as the main element. “Something To Fill An Hour” is available 21 September on Lossless VINYL | DIGITAL

Premiere: Orsery - Le Rythme (Sooma Remix) [Slowciety]

Slowciety’s fourth release is all about the rhythm, heavy on percussion, samples, prominent basslines, and a mind distorting modular synth. On this first Orsery EP, “Le Rythme”, two original tracks are set alongside killer remixes by the likes of newcomers and on-the-rise DJ like Italian producer Bawrut, but it is Sooma‘s version we premiere here today. “Le Rythme” is available 21 September on Slowciety PRE ORDER

Premiere: Harrison BDP - It's All Good (Original Mix) [Phonica Records]

Over the past few years, Harrison BDP burst onto the scene with a prolific run of releases for labels such as Lost Palms, Piff and Music Is Love, displaying a wide-ranging sonic palette whether it falls under classification as House, Techno, Electro, Garage. Here, on the b-side of Harrison’s Phonica Records “Life Unlimited” EP, the music takes a deeper turn with the immaculately produced dub-techno of ‘Fish In The Tank’ which is then followed by the stunning uk garage inspired ‘It’s All Good’ – this one gets seriously under your skin! “Life Unlimited” is available 22 September on Phonica Records ... Read more