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[Playlist] The 15 Tracks That Defined Uva Festival

Uva Festival is one of the most stunning and intimate festivals you could ever dream of attending. It takes place on the side of a cliff, 800m from Ronda town centre, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The setting is Bodegas Descalzos Viejos, a monastery from the 15th century, converted into a vineyard with a labyrinth of ancient walls and secret hideaways. The historic locale is breathtaking indeed, and the musical line-up is just as tasteful — this year the likes of Orpheu the Wizard, Donna Leake, Debora Ipekel, Call Super, DJ Sports, Skee Mask, Tito Wun, Zenker Brothers and more ... Read more

Uva Festival Books Call Super, Orpheu The WIzard & More In 15th Century Monastery

Uva Festival is one dedicated to contemporary culture through the interaction of music, visual arts and architecture. Originally a monastery from the 15th century, the venue has since been converted into a vineyard, sunken into luscious vegetation and facing Ronda’s iconic cliffs. Uva stands in stark contradiction to mainstream music festivals, focusing instead on the elaborate curation of an intimate environment and unique atmosphere. Located just 800m from the twon center of Ronda, Spain, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Uva is also accessible from the Malaga, Seville, and Gibraltar airports. Musically, Uva has now announced its expansion by adding a ... Read more