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A Night At Stereo Montreal With Sci+Tec’s Johnny Trika

A bit of background: my name is Johnny Trika and I live in Montreal, Canada. I’m a live artist and producer and play minimal techno. My live show consists of Ableton Live, Livid CNTRL:R and a Maschine Mikro – I like to keep things simple because if I add to much gear I can lose myself and ultimately lose the crowd. Montreal has a great techno scene, and the promoters here work hard to consistently throw great parties. We’re really fortunate to have so many great artists playing here on a regular basis, and that really helped to introduce me ... Read more

How To Transcend Festival Rage Culture

Over the past three years Lightning in a Bottle has become a staple in my life: a time to rejuvenate my spirit and reignite my creativity and passion every spring. Music festivals have been a part of my life since I moved to California seven years ago— but, when I went to Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) for the first time everything shifted a bit and other festivals just didn’t stand up to the transformational experience of LIB. Today as I glanced over the lineup announcement in my inbox I recalled how three years ago that was all I cared ... Read more

[Editorial] #NightlifeMatters: What’s In A Name?

In another time perhaps this editorial’s subject would be a non issue, even less so more probably. Unfortunately, this era is undeniably the now and instead of a non it is a subject directly interjecting itself into the most important civil rights movement of our time. I am speaking here on the London based initiative #NightlifeMatters, which aims to provide awareness and assistance regarding the UK capital’s crumbling nightlife infrastructure, arguing (rightly so) that its cultural benefit has consistently been undervalued. Now, this is true. London, speaking purely in nightlife culture terms, is seminal, on par with the likes of New York City and Berlin ... Read more