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London Gets World’s First 3D Sensory Arts & Events Space

Imagine an auditorium sound system where a room full of 250 people can enjoy an up-close and personal sound experience with the crystalline clarity of the world’s best recording studios. Now also imagine a 3D (true) stereo audio system able to place sound precisely anywhere in a room; a world-first system that attracts audio designers from across the planet. This is the system created by Aures London, the new Central London venue and Europe’s first fully immersive sensory venue for art and event, which launches this month. Aures London will also engage all five body senses with its Sensorium room ... Read more

Showmango Announce £9 Unlimited Package & Summer Deals

A few weeks ago we announced news of an events company that is set to change the landscape of London’s nightlife and the way in which we approach going out, called Showmango. Now the team over there have sent us news of their latest packages, and they’re amazing! With action in the events space heating up, ShowMango has announced a new £9 package for unlimited music events in London. The London-based company is now also offering a premium ‘Blue’ package at £25 a month for the more exclusive events. In more news, the company has just announced a very limited ... Read more