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Interview: Fabio Della Torre (Bosconi Soundsystem)

Running a label in 2018 is no mean feat. Aside from a vast increase in competition, the need to stick out from the pack and release consistently excellent music has arguably never been greater. See also: Label Showcase 28: Bosconi Records Fortunately for Fabio Della Torre and his Bosconi crew, this has never been an issue. Indeed, staying ahead of the pack has been the label’s raison d’etre for some time, so it’s no surprise that they’ll celebrate 10 years at the top this year. And as is Bosconi’s forte, they’ll be blowing out the candles in some fashion, with ... Read more

Label Showcase 28: Bosconi Records

With roots in the picturesque hills of Tuscany, Bosconi Records stands as a shining example of creativity and craftsmanship within the Italian music scene. The label takes its name from the so called area (Bosconi Street) of this particular part of the Tuscan countryside that is Fiesole’s Hill above Firenze, where there is also a street called “Via Dei Bosconi”. With a back catalogue chock full of hand-crafted house music, unique downtempo beats and all moods in between, the label has brought pride back to Italy’s musical landscape, not in the least part from the likes of Fabio Della Torre, ... Read more