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Full Premiere: Adultnapper – Almost Nothing (Patrick Chardronnet Remix)

Deep in Germany’s Black Forest, from a small house surrounded by thousands of mighty firs, Patrick Chardronnet – locked away in his room of humming machines – has dedicated well over a decade to honing his signature sound as an artist: crisp, high-definition beats and minimal grooves harnessed to an intuitive understanding of structure and melody. In between, he has toured extensively, intoxicating dancefloors across the USA, Japan, Europe and Russia and amassed a portfolio of stellar remixes. With his new compilation, “Best of Patrick Chardronnet,”  the spirit and highlights of Patrick’s outstanding career are featured, taking you from ‘Ledge’ – the ... Read more

Exclusive Interview: Frank & Tony

Frank & Tony (AKA Francis Harris and Anthony Collins) are without a doubt one of our favourite production duos in the business. Both individually and as a twosome their music really does it for us. Over the past couple of years they have put out several EPs as Frank & Tony, all of which have been based around a sultry, well-executed deep house sound ethic – their collaboration with the equally talented Bob Moses was amongst that exemplary back catalogue of music. Now they’re releasing an entire album’s worth of music, across three EPs called ‘You’, ‘Go’ and ‘Girl’, and ... Read more

Top 10 Upcoming Releases

From now we will be adopting the same policy as our sister site Deep House Amsterdam and keeping you posted on the hottest EPs and albums to hit record stores every month. Our top 10 upcoming releases in July features some seriously great music from artists new and old and some really fresh talent. 10. Robin Ordell – JC EP | Half Baked Records | 07-07-2014 | Understated is the general vibe of this latest release from Half Baked Records, a platform launched by the party brand of the same name. Half Baked resident Robin Ordell threads together sublime percussion, ... Read more