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Pokémon Go Ecstasy Pills Are Flooding The Internet

Dutch drug factories have been capitalizing on the massive and immediate success of augmented reality game Pokémon Go by quickly pressing and selling pills in the character forms at a steep discount. Of course they’re is a catch, as the pills are quite dangerous combinations of MDMA and 2CB, being sold for about £1 each on the dark web, ultimately retailing for about £5 in the UK. In fact, you can buy 50 doses of the high grade drug for £49.71. Plus the marketing of Pokémon Go shaped drugs directly targets the early teen (and younger) crowd, yielding disturbing news ... Read more

Exclusive Interview: Santé on German Sausages

So, a few months ago Deep House London were in Madrid with Santé and his manager plus his booking agent and we had a great old time during Madrid Music Days. Over a few glasses of rosé, in a huge ham retailers, a drunken conversation about ham and meat led to a great idea – ‘Let’s do an interview about sausages!’, we suggested. All Santé’s team were up for it, but a hectic summer meant we kept on missing the opportunity to sit down and get it done. Well, summer is over now, Santé’s album is soon to drop and ... Read more