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Theo Kottis Launches Debut LP As First Of Trilogy

“Beautiful Strangers” marks the return of Theo Kottis with his debut LP and reveals a new chapter in his artistic journey. Introduced the first in a trilogy of LP’s that capture all of Theo’s visceral passion for music and performance, establishing the album’s ethos that is inspired by the fundamental human need for connection. Over seven expressive club tracks spanning the party experience, Theo Kottis reflects on his diverse DJ style, serving up broken beats, soulful jazz loops, Brazilian vocals and tribalistic chants with pinpoint dancefloor appeal. “Beautiful Strangers” is available 14 June on Beautiful Strangers PRE ORDER Soundcloud Artist ... Read more

What Does The Closure Of The Arches Mean For UK Nightlife?

The much loved Glasgow dance music institution The Arches has announced its filing for administration following its recent licence revocation. The venues’ board has proclaimed they had “no other choice” as the revocation resulted in a 50% drop in revenue. With the closure, some 130+ employees, freelancers, and artists will be left jobless. Chairman of The Arches Board of Directors, Gordon Kennedy, said: “The board has taken professional advice and is left with no other choice than to begin the process of appointing administrators for both The Arches Theatre Ltd and Arches Retail Ltd.” See also: Birthplace Of UK Garage ... Read more

Exclusive Interview: Harvey McKay

Harvey McKay represents the finest in house and techno. A graduate of the Glasgow school of electronic music he has broken through over the last couple with a constant flow of top class releases on labels such as Bedrock, Soma and Drumcode to name but a few. His DJ sets are lethal, and his dedication to the craft in unrelenting. So here we have a little chat with the Scotsman… How has 2014 treated you and has it been a good year for Harvey Mckay? It’s been an incredible year so far, so many amazing gigs parties so many countries, ... Read more