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Interview: Eton Messy

In 2014 Vice titled an interview with Charlie Wedd and Adam Englefield “How Eton Messy Conquered Youtube”. One could assume that their campaign of conquest has already come to an end, however, that would be a big mistake! For the past three years the Youtube and social media phenomena turned into a successful promoter, record label and its spearheads into globally touring DJs. Their label has gained an overwhelming attention and the latest compilation ‘In:Season Spring / Summer 2017’ creates equal waves so far. We spoke to the two Youtube aces and label heads about their history, projects and the ... Read more

Idris Elba Admits Most Embarassing DJ Moment To Jimmy Fallon

Some know, and some don’t, that prolific British actor Idris Elba also doubles as a world touring DJ. So much so, in fact, that Elba can stop by the talk show rounds and exclusively discuss DJing anecdotes. On Tuesday night, Elba made an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, where he dished on his life long interest in DJing, starting out at 8 years old. Part of his story involved a particulalry cringeworthy set alongside Parliament legend Nile Rogers, where the guitar legend introduced him as the special guest at a Swiss event via the always dramatic, “Idris, ... Read more

The Dance Underground Talks Brexit

Yes, some part of underground dance music is political. The ‘in your face’ news on Britain’s vote to leave EU came in with the first crack of the eyes this morning. To this day the underground dance music scene has by far not been mute on this one. Music producers and DJs from Great Britain and outside have expressed their takes on the issue – from mere shock, sadness to intentions to move the homeland country. There was not much variation among the opinions – most of them were negative. Well played England. Shocking. — Tiga (@Tiga) June 24, 2016 We’re fucked. — HUX ... Read more

Intelligence Officials Warn Music Festivals At Increased Attack Risk

Neil Basu, deputy assistant commissioner with the Metropolitan police, has brought together festival promoters and Premiere League owners for a discussion on the possibility of terrorist attacks in UK stadiums and event spaces. The meetings come after Basu, who is in charge of the country’s protective security, developed concerns about the security within Britain’s nighttime economy. “I’d want to see the owners and event managers taking the same kind of security precautions,” Basu said relating back to the ever increasing security protocols in stadiums. Naturally, the heightened concern comes after last year’s Paris terrorist attacks, where Muslim extremists targeted revellers at cafe’s ... Read more

Richie Hawtin Unveils Video And Information For New Tech Venture

Richie Hawtin and British product developer Andy Rigby-Jones have revealed more details about the project, “PLAYdifferently.” After 25 years of working at Allen & Heath and being an integral part of their world-renowned Xone DJ division, Andy Rigby-Jones left the company in 2014 and partnered with Richie Hawtin to combine their expertise and unique vision to create new innovative instruments for the DJ and electronic music market. Over the past two years, the pair have been developing and testing their first prototype of an instrument that they feel is missing from the professional segment of the market. Assessed at various ... Read more

New Documentary Traces The Legacy of Manchester’s Hacienda

Manchester’s Hacienda was the un questioned centre of acid house youth culture of the 1980’s and 90’s. Though demolished 15 years ago, its influence is still present and legend still strong. Now, a new documentary looks to trace the legacy of the infamous hot spot by focusing its narrative on its array of preserved items. The only remaining aspect of the buildings physical construction is its name as an apartment complex stands in its place. Though demolished, Hacienda has not been discarded. Instead, everything from its urinals to dancefloor were auctioned in 2000 and have found new homes around the world. The documentary, titled ... Read more

Research Shows That Music Festivals Can Be A New Cardio Workout

By now, we are well into festival season and the thought of how much cheap beer and junk food you’ve eaten may be a spot of particular sensitivity, but fear no more as recent findings have pointed to an average of over 9,000 calories burned per person per 3-day festival. The health-conscious tech company Withings has compiled a list of 10 UK festivals, calculating the number of potential calories lost by its participants.  Factors taken into account are each festival’s site map combined with the company’s tracking technology meant to assess the potential energy expended by festival-goers. The predominant genre of music may also ... Read more

Behold, Lego Glastonbury

Legoland Windsor has provided a new exhibit which hopefully can begin to alleviate some of the pain from not acquiring a ticket to the actual event with its detailed Lego Glastonbury. Complete with Lego Florence and the Machine, The Who, Kanye West, a broken legged Dave Grohl, and (for some reason) Kim Kardashian took a team of builders 720 hours, using over 9000 bricks. Featuring a main tent (built to scale), port-a-loos, and mud sliding festival goers sliding in real Glastonbury Festival mud delivered direct to Legoland from Worthy Farm. “The Model Makers have had a huge amount of fun creating the scene and the ... Read more

UK Government Implements Blanket Ban On Nitrous & Other Legal Highs

Sellers of so-called legal highs, including NO2, and other psychoactive drugs could face up to seven years in prison under a tough new set of UK laws. Titled Under the Psychoactive Substances Bill, police will also be given sweeping new powers in shutting down websites that sell the substances, including the UK’s second most widely used recreational drug (after cannabis), Nitrous Oxide. The new legislation will aim to shut down 250 legal high ‘head shops’ in the UK, and the sale of NOS balloons falls under the blanket ban. Home Office policing minister Mike Penning says about the initiative,“The landmark Bill will ... Read more

Exclusive Interview: Waifs & Strays

One of the most consistent duos in the UK over the last few years has been Waifs & Strays. The Bristol act always deliver great house music, whether it’s bumping Chicago style jams on Madtech or deep and dark cuts on labels such as Resonance. Sadly, Waifs & Strays recently became a solo act after one half, Rich Beanland, started to have problems with his ears. The good news is that Amos Nelson, the remaining member, is keeping the Waifs & Strays name very much alive and he’s doing a sterling job we must say. In fact, he’s busier than ... Read more

Guide: Top 10 UK Festivals

Festival season is fast approaching with the long-established players mixing it up with some newcomers to present the UK with an unbelievable amount of choice. London has its fair share of music-based festivals this year, as always, while up and down the country there are countless events on offer – we’re spoilt for choice and some of you may be a little bit confused as to which to spend your hard-earned cash on, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 choice festivals to get stuck into this season… We Are FSTVL Last year We Are FSTVL announced themselves on the ... Read more