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How I Got Here: Matthias Meyer

Now, distinctly one of electronic music’s most exciting stars, Matthias Meyer has experienced an unprecedented run of success over the last 12+ months. With a distinctive sound signature and an ability to flawlessly express it through studio work and DJ sets, Matthias has left inspired impressions on dancefloors around the globe. Since 2012, he has held regular posts at Berlin’s Watergate, where his sets have become the stuff of legend, and in the last year and change has released several essential productions including his chart-topping collaboration with Ryan Davis, ‘Hope’ and an acclaimed rework of Butch’s ‘Shahrzad’, adding to a ... Read more

Exclusive Interview: Monte

While he may seem like a relative newcomer to the scene, Monte is a musician who’s been doing his thing for some time now. A producer of some repute, he started out as a drummer and spent the past while working on TV advertisements and with large-scale bands. That all changed, mind you, when he unleashed ‘True’, a veritable beast of a track that propelled him to the upper echelons of dance music within a matter of weeks. Continuing on from the latter, his latest endeavor is the brilliant Canvas EP, a release that showcases his knack for club and ... Read more