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Premiere: Fabio Vanore - Theory Of A Dead Man (Original Mix) [Incroyable Music]

As ADE closes in once again the Incroyable Music collective return with the fourth edition of their Four Miles To Amsterdam EP with Fennec & Wolf, Fabio Vanore, Dopish and Bellville who also welcomes Turkish DJ icon BeeGee. Here, ‘Theory Of A Dead Man’ by Fabio Vanore takes a striking approach, sharp synth flurries burn over a looming walking foundation. “Four Miles to Amsterdam #04” is available 12 October on Incroyable Music

Premiere: Bellville Feat. Paul Brenning – Illusions (Vocal Edit)

Born and raised in Germany, Bellville has always been influenced by various musical genres and cultural diversity. His breathtaking sets are marked by inspiring levels of energy and feature a wide variety of deep, techno and house tunes. Bellville’s debut EP, created in collaboration with Fennec & Wolf and released on Kiez Beats Records, hit the shelves in spring 2014, with subsequent releases on the likes of Erase, Kallias, and Incroyable Music. Here, on ‘Illusions (Vocal Edit),’ Bellville matches the same power and darkness of the original. The rising synths and driving pads that made ‘Illusions’ such a captivating track ... Read more

Premiere: Fabio Montana – Metropolitan (Original Mix)

Fabio Montana started turning his passion into a career only a few years ago. His most recent tracks, released on labels such as Incroyable Music and Click Records Amsterdam, are a clear testament to the depth of his musical repertoire.  Meanwhile, as a highly sought-after act, he often has the pleasure of performing alongside well-known DJs across Germany and all over the world. On today’s exclusive premiere, Fabio brings the original mix of his “Metropolitan” EP title track, featuring a selection of soaring melodies and a down right infectious groove that runs throughout, pausing briefly only to pick up the energy levels in ... Read more

DHL Mix #103 By Fennec & Wolf

Fennec & Wolf, a born Tunisian, chose the Rhine metropolis Cologne as the center of his life and professional activity, where he connects his North-African roots with his European way of life. Within a very short period, Fennec & Wolf’s productions have drawn attention in the blogsphere with several Beatport chart positions appearing as the logical consequence of talent, releasing on Great Stuff, Incroyable Music and Hotfingers, among others. Now, Fennec & Wolf delivers a special exclusive mixtape featuring his multi cultural sounds. Download Soundcloud Artist Page [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-london/fennec-wolf-dhl-mix-103″ comments=”true” auto_play=”false” color=”E40045″ width=”100%” height=”166″] Tracklist DJ Shadow – Ashes to ... Read more