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[Interview] Jan Blomqvist & The Importance Of Disconnection

Two years after his debut “Remote Control”, that led Jan Blomqvist and his band around the world, he has returned with an album that falls in line both stylistically and sonically with his distinct sound. “Disconnected” draws from heady themes of broken connections, incoherent narratives, and escapes from reality, exploring the meaning of being disconnected in thirteen tracks. Gradually released across 3 mini albums over the summer, now the complete piece has been released, connecting the disconnected narrative and aiming for insight into the behaviors and necessities of our day, age, and generation. Over the summer, we managed to bring ... Read more

[Interview] Moscoman

Hailing from Israel but based in Berlin, Moscoman has brought plenty of fresh perspective to house and techno. His rugged, dark and involving grooves come on his own Disco Halal label as well as many others. As a DJ he serves up intoxicating sets that take you into weird and wonderful worlds of sound and take him everywhere across the world, from Ibiza superclubs to leading festivals. Most recently has served up his entry into Diynamic’s Picture EP series and once again shown off the breadth and depth of his style. Here we speak to him about that, about working ... Read more

[Interview] Kintar

Kintar is an Argentinian born DJ/Producer who now bases himself in Ibiza. He also runs his own label Sudam Recordings, who have recently been putting on label showcases in Amsterdam and Ibiza, with more to come in Istanbul and Beirut. We caught up with him recently to find out why he made the move to Ibiza, and how he thinks his South American roots have inspired his sound… “Our music needs to have always emotions and enough groove to fire up any dance floor.” How are you, what’s good, what’s bad? Hey I’m fantastic, everything is good right now, living ... Read more

Interview: PillowTalk

Few people in this scene make dance music as emotive and hooky as PillowTalk. The American band write proper songs with a real sense of heart and emotion, and have been doing so for years. It’s come on labels like Kompakt and Wolf + Lamb and given rise to some big singles as well as a bunch of quality albums. And now they are back with another, “All People”, on their own label. It finds the band change line-up and welcome guests like expert trumpeter Greg Paulus, all while offering properly considered lyrics that touch on love, social issues and ... Read more

Interview: Thabo Getsome

Thabo Getsome is a DJ who had his roots deeply in hiphop and reggae before his love of electronic music took over and became the forefront of his productions and DJ sets. Now with a recent release ‘The Flute’ recently out on Cacao Records, we sat down with him to talk about those roots, why he made the change, and what he has coming up for us in the future… “Take your time, find your sound” How are you, how has the year been so far, what have been some highlights? Pretty good. Summer in Berlin started very early. And ... Read more

Interview: Casino Times

Joseph Spencer & Nicholas Church are Casino Times, a duo with a penchant for classy, supple and always discerningly delectable house and techno pastures. Having started the project in 2010, the British duo have since become renowned as one of the scene’s most consistent such pairings, with credits for the likes of WOLF Music as well as their own label, the well-worth-checking-out Casino Edits imprint. Aside from the latter pair, they’ve also got tongues wagging recently courtesy of their second release on Swedish label Omena, itself an increasingly respected outlet that’s hosted everyone from Mella Dee to HNNY to Church ... Read more

DHL Mix #211 + Interview By Milo Häfliger

From the very first instant of his sets, Milo Häfliger prepares listeners for an astonishing journey, inviting them to reconnect with their true selves. In the heart of unconsciousness, underlined by refined world sounds and highly emotional melodies, one gets seized by a world of sweetness with melancholic accents. The music selected by Milo raises stunning emotions and brings about strong messages, aiming to bring people together, opens their minds and lead us to forgotten values such as sharing, meeting, discovering. Here, let Milo Häfliger show you how as he brings a very special mix to our series alongside a ... Read more

Interview: Titonton Duvante

While the likes of Detroit, New York and Chicago tend to dominate the headlines in the U.S. when it comes to all things electronic music, a number of cities outside of the main cities still boast fertile and buoyant scenes. One man responsible for spearheading a scene outside of these aforementioned spots is Titonton Duvante. A native of Ohio in the midwest, Duvante is best known as the man behind the discerning house and techno-focused Residual label. The imprint has played host to some of the scene’s foremost players in its time, and aside from Duvante’s own excellent (yet often ... Read more

Interview: Jay Shepheard

With a steady stream of high quality house and disco releases on esteemed labels including Futureboogie, Freerange, Pets Recordings and of course his very own Retrofit Label, Berlin-based Londoner Jay Shepheard has built an indelible reputation as a talented producer and a skilful selector. Ahead of his upcoming performance at Egg LDN’s 15th birthday party on May 5th, we caught up with Jay to talk releases, equipment and aspirations. “it’s [kind of] a meditation for me” Your most recent EP, Red Tape, came out earlier this year on Nothing Is Real, what was the inspiration behind the release and how ... Read more

Interview: Javier Carballo

Since 2009, Javier Carballo’s career has continued do develop through a series of excellent releases and remixes and in 2014 launched his own label Overall Music, a vinyl only imprint for DJs, collectors and electronic music connoisseurs. Ahead of his performance at Mick’s Garage in Hackney Wick for Apt:1 which will take start at 7pm on 30th March, we sat down with Javier to discuss his homeland Gran Canaria, his new home London and his life as a DJ and Overall Music Label owner. “…educating people is always a goal of a good DJ” How are you, how has the ... Read more

Interview: Lukas Lyrestam

Lukas Lyrestam is a man who’s led an interesting life. A Swedish native, he’s spent much of his life in London and thus possesses an intriguing opinion on both musical scenes. A man who’s reputation as a shrewd label owner is slowly but steadily earning him a solid reputation in the house music environs, his is a DJ, production and label owner talent that’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. Anyone who’s already encountered his label, Clouded House, will know exactly what we’re talking about. Already earning props from some of the scene’s biggest names, its latest release – a ... Read more

Interview: Oxia

Oxia is an artist with many, many years of experience on the scene. With releases on the likes of Hot Creations, Suara, Knee Deep In Sound, and Noir Music, his production skills are highly recognised. We spoke recently to talk about his celebrated past, his label Diversions Music, and his plans for the rest of 2018… “It’s always hard to tell what my favourite place is, because I’ve had so many amazing times in various, and very different, cities and countries. “ Hi Oxia, pleasure to speak with you. How are things with you? Hi, it’s a pleasure for me ... Read more

Ones To Watch: Mvson

Having recently been named as Ones to Watch by Solardo, Mason Collective are blowing up right now. The trio of talented DJs and producers from Manchester are bringing the heat with their robust house and tech tracks, as well as laying down killer sets at clubs round the UK and further afield. On top of this, they also throw their own hugely popular and always sold out MVSON events, with a huge one coming up with Kaluki on Easter Sunday, April 1st, featuring Skream, Darius Syrossian, wAFF, Pirate Copy, Mason Collective, Pete Zorba and more to be revealed, with a ... Read more

Interview: Matchy

Matchy is a German DJ/Producer based in Berlin who creates a variety of different styles whenever he is in the studio. Known for his versatility, he is equally equipped behind the decks and has his new live set coming soon. With an upcoming gig at Shelter, London this weekend, we caught up with him to find out more about the man behind the music… “I get my inspiration from going out, clubbing as well as modern and street art” How are you, what’s good, what’s bad? I’m fine, thanks. Hope you are too.. I’m really happy, I finally just recently ... Read more

Interview: Fabio Della Torre (Bosconi Soundsystem)

Running a label in 2018 is no mean feat. Aside from a vast increase in competition, the need to stick out from the pack and release consistently excellent music has arguably never been greater. See also: Label Showcase 28: Bosconi Records Fortunately for Fabio Della Torre and his Bosconi crew, this has never been an issue. Indeed, staying ahead of the pack has been the label’s raison d’etre for some time, so it’s no surprise that they’ll celebrate 10 years at the top this year. And as is Bosconi’s forte, they’ll be blowing out the candles in some fashion, with ... Read more