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Premiere: Nico Stojan feat. JAW – The Blue Hour (Doctor Dru Remix)

Doctor Dru has a rich, multi-layered history, which permeates into his output as a DJ, drummer, label head, composer, of course, and producer of his own emotive, wistful signature tracks. In 2011, after hours locked away in his studio, Dru conceived “Juicy Fruit” and “Anymore” in collaboration with the Adana Twins. In 2012 his hit “The Voice of Dru” established him as one of the contemporary house movement’s main players. Being a number one charted artist over the course of several months placed him on the right musical path and so his follow-up “2KnowU” EP also managed to nail it ... Read more

Exclusive Interview: Monte

While he may seem like a relative newcomer to the scene, Monte is a musician who’s been doing his thing for some time now. A producer of some repute, he started out as a drummer and spent the past while working on TV advertisements and with large-scale bands. That all changed, mind you, when he unleashed ‘True’, a veritable beast of a track that propelled him to the upper echelons of dance music within a matter of weeks. Continuing on from the latter, his latest endeavor is the brilliant Canvas EP, a release that showcases his knack for club and ... Read more