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Premiere: Mathew Jonson - Decompression (Konrad Black's 'Decompresha' Remix)

Released on Minus back in 2004, Mathew Jonson‘s ‘Decompression’ celebrates its 13 year anniversary with Jonson commissioning 11 of dance music’s best for remix duties across 4 releases. Here, we’re exclusively premiering Konrad Black‘s ‘Decompresha’ remix. Here, Black slows things down with a darker groove. Also on the package comes 2 dBridge versions, as well as the rave throwback Nathan Jonson version. Stay tuned for ‘Decompression’ remixes from the likes of Seth Troxler, Deadbeat, Mike Shannon and Natalia Escobar. “The Decompression Remixes” are available 30 June on Freedom Engine

Interview: Mathew Jonson

One of the most innovative and experimental producers the techno genre has ever seen, Mathew Jonson, notoriously known for his fealty to analogue equipment and real time play, a rule breaker and explorer ready to cross pollinate genres. The producer and DJ has created the most memorable of tracks, distinct creations of electronic, emotive energy that seeps from the speakers and onto the dance floor. Plenty of musicians claim to be ‘classically trained’ but Mathew Jonson has been a musical prodigy since a young age. His main focus being classical drums, piano and percussion, in which he played an under ... Read more

Epizode Launches Vietnam Festival On New Years Eve

As the festive season rapidly approaches and 2016 draws to an end, it leaves the best of us trying to string up plans to create what we hope to be, the best New Years Eve we’ve had to date. Looking to do something outrageous? This festival is one for the born travellers, the sun seekers and those that love to get lost in a deep cultural exchange and a vibrant artistic gathering, on the most spectacular white sand beaches on the Vietnamese island of Phú Quốc. Epizode Festival will be the largest sea festival in Southeast Asia in 2017, it ... Read more

Interview: Mathew Jonson

Mathew Jonson has developed one of the most distinctive voices in electronic dance music, yet there is still no mistaking any one given track for another. Both on stage and in the studio, Jonson’s fealty to analog equipment and real-time play—as opposed to mere playback—serves as a standardbearer for a kind of electronic music that goes way beyond the drag ‘n’ drop world of digital composition. With a keen understanding for the needs of the dancefloor and the universal laws of house and techno, he’s thrown out the rule book time and time again, sneaking tricks learned from electro and ... Read more