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Premiere: Lumi – From A Dream (skinnerbox Remix)[Fantôme de Nuit]

Lumi’s last album, The Night Was A Liar, gets remixed in by the likes of skinnerbox, Al Rajul Al Hadidi, Rolbac and HEAR on the next Fantôme de Nuit release. Lumi hail from Beirut in Lebanon and are well respected for their krautrock and electro releases. Their album, made in Montreal and released earlier in the year, was a real classic and now gets reinterpreted in fine fashion by this classy selection of names. Premiering on DHA AM is the skinnerbox remix, the German duo known for their improvised live music on labels like BPitch Control and Turbo. Their version of ... Read more

[Playlist] Nesta’s Best Of Beirut

Nesta is Lebanon based artist Nabih Esta, who has been producing and DJing for some 10 years now, collaborating with various artists on this, his own label, in the past. Formerly a resident of The Garten, a club he co-founded, his experimental frequencies and fine engineering skills are set to make a big impact this year, starting with two brand new tracks from his first full length artist album. With the tracks available this week, Nesta has provided a diverse playlist featuring some of the best cuts from Beirut and Lebanon. Here, everything from Ambient to Deep House to Alternative ... Read more