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Mixtape #087 By Mikaela

Mikaela is a DJ and producer with a determined and ambitious vision for her imprint and concept imprint, Love the Underground Records. Surrounding herself with music from an early age, Mikaela has since found her home in Ibiza. And, having enjoyed several seasons living on the island, observing the intricacies and dynamics of every last facet of the industry. In 2015 she established Love The Underground Records, as a means of expressing her passion and love for dark and heavy tech-house through techno, whilst also using this as a platform to support the next generation of upcoming underground talent. With ... Read more

Premiere: Mikaela & Kike Medina – Let’s Go (SIS Remix)

SIS is the exact opposite of the cardboard cut-out, squeaky clean radio DJ. It was a dancefloor epiphany that led SIS to discover DJ culture and techno, and soon afterwards he was DJing in dark basement clubs in Frankfurt and Mannheim. SIS’ yearning to express his wild, untapped thoughts drove him to music production in 2006, where he quickly honed a unique house music style influenced by raw musicality and flickers of his colourful past, global ancestry, and intense personality. Following a series of international club hits on Nick Curly’s Mannheim label Cecille, which included 2007’s vocal trip ‘Nesrib’, SIS ... Read more