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Premiere: German Brigante - Indira Gandhi (Original Mix)

German Brigante is back with another hot new single, this time on Manitox. The Spaniard is one of the most charted artists on Resident Advisor, releases on labels like Diynamic Music, Get Physical, Dirtybird, Monaberry, Saved and many more, and always has a slick percussive element and killer bassline in all of his work. This new single, ‘Indira Gandhi’ is another standout effort. It is an exotic tech house cut with bubbly rubber drums and broad synth sweeps. Indian sounding vocals bring a worldly feel and frazzled bass adds extra tension. “Indira Gandhi” is available 23 April on Manitox

Premiere: German Brigante - Electombo (Original Mix)

German Brigante is never far away from the top of the underground charts. German is a real tune making machine who knows how to appeal to both DJs and dancers and Get Physical, Dirtybird, Monaberry, Saved and plenty more great outlets all put out his wares. Now he comes correct once more. Here, ‘Electombo’ is a fizzing and energetic cut with inventive synth sounds and drum rhythms. Warped squelches, claps, dark vocals and rattling percussion all flesh out the groove and make for something that immediately gets your attention. “Electombo” is available 31 July on Manitox