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DHA AM Mix #258 by Matthew Dekay

Matthew Dekay, Dutch composer, and DJ has pushed the boundaries of electronic music for nearly two decades. His training, in composition and classical piano, and his constant mastery of cutting-edge technology have been the building blocks to his sonic innovation. His love for a variety of genres in electronic dance music, ranging from ambient, house music to dub techno, translates to an affection for long extended DJ sets. Dekay grew up in a musical family, his dad being a funk bass guitar player, who also had an obsession for reggae/dub, and his mother dancing in a Romanian folk group. He developed ... Read more

Premiere: Leo Grünbaum Feat. Aerial East – Bloom (Original Mix)

A multi-instrumentalist trained at Berklee College of Music, Leo Grünbaum blends electronic, symphonic and jazz elements to create his signature sound. Delivering distinctive live sets: trippy, sexy, soundtrack-esque tracks, Grünbaum has toured the globe sicne 2010, collaborating with artists like Alex Under, Matthew Dekay, and Guti while releasing on the likes of Trapez, Desolat, Lucidflow and more. This year, Grünbaum joins Lee Burridge‘ All Day I Dream (ADID) family, merging the vision of his Tech-House act Grünbox with the lushness of a new sound. Of that new sound we exclusively premiere his Grünbaum’s collaboration with Brooklyn’s Aerial East entitled ‘Bloom’. ... Read more

Have A Very Free Download XMas With DJ Sabo And Desert Hearts

Tulum, Mexico, an area known for it’s radical healing energy and gorgeous off-jungle beaches, home to an ancient Mayan civilization that disappeared somewhere around the 16th century. Although much mystery remains, we do know they were one of the most astronomically and spiritually advanced civilizations of their time who left behind a calendar set to end on Dec. 21st, 2012. While some believed The Maya predicted an end of the world others believed the date represented a shift towards “a new era that will usher in an age of higher consciousness, greater peace, and enhanced understanding among the diverse people ... Read more