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Party Report: Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise has become the best way to see in the New Year for those down under. Rather than cramming yourself into a sweaty club, paying over the odds for drinks, getting hustle by drunkards, this place is a real feast for the sense that allows you to reset your mind, body and soul in a stunning ovation. That location is the beautiful Glenworth Valley, just north of Sydney. It’s a place where lush greenery meets tropical temperatures, where a cooling river snakes by to reflect the sunlight and hammocks hang from trees. It all makes for a cosy, friendly ... Read more

Party Report: E1 London New Year’s Eve

E1 is the new kid on the block, and it started with bang on New Year’s Eve. Formerly known as Studio Spaces and located in Wapping, the venue put on a 27-hour rave marathon to get its new life underway. The place itself is a raw industrial space with steel beams, girders and plenty of concrete on show. Perfect, then, for techno, especially when you learn that the place has had a fantastic new system specially designed for it, with the rest of the club improved and adjusted to make it sound as good as possible. And it does sound ... Read more

Party Report: Bugged Out w/ Chemical Brothers @ Printworks London

It has been already established that Printworks is what the London club scene definitely needed, reminding us why the city needs to open up new clubbing scenarios and raise the clubbing standard to a point where we can not settle for less!!! Printworks is a whole new experience for us clubbers in the UK…… The laser Game, the L-Acoustic in the main hall, the void acoustics in the Charge Bay, the sweaty raving crowd, the smiley and helpful staff, everything seems to come together and work so effortlessly in what used to be a newspaper printing factory. Then of course, ... Read more

Party Report: Les Plagues Electroniques

Les Plagues Electroniques is an annual gathering on the beautiful beaches of Cannes, most famous for hosting the Film Festival. After the terrorist events of last year just down the road in Nice, this year’s gathering had an extra special feeling of togetherness and resilience right from the off. It mixes up both big name stars as well as local artists and of course is a great platform off which to explore the local area. The main stage is right on the Mediterranean Sea so has breathtaking views that change as day turns to night. With the Marina off to ... Read more

Party Report: KappaFutur Festival 2017

Standing under the huge long hangar that acts as the main stage for KappaFutur Festival is one of the finest techno experiences in the world. It is a suitably industrial setting in the heart of a beautiful city, Turin, and when its thronging with 45, 000 other techno lovers here for 12 hours non stop music, shivers cannot fail to run down your spine. By now KappaFutur is well established in its sixth year and as well as just about being guaranteed to be soaked in warm sun, you’re guaranteed that only the best names in techno will be playing, ... Read more

Party Report: Chapter XIII

The Rainbow Venues has been at the heart of the underground dance scene in the Midlands for years now. And as such it is hard to over state the importance of the ever evolving, sprawling venue complex. As well as a series of killer events, one offs and regular promotions throughout the year, a firm fixture on the calendar for anyone within a hundred miles or more is the Chapter Festival. Now up to Instalment XIII, in 2017 it once again surpassed itself with a dizzyingly diverse spread of sounds. In all, they were spread across no fewer than nine ... Read more

Party Report: Regression Sessions 5th Birthday

Spread over the space of five gigantic rail arches near London Bridge, the 1300-person capacity Bankside Vaults is a creative space that can provide a playground for anyone with creative flair. It only seemed fitting then, that party starters Regression Sessions should hold their 5th Birthday in the venue, hosting their biggest event to date. This immersive and interactive circus provided a fairground for those who just wanted to let loose, and what better way to start the Easter weekend than to be surrounded by hundreds of good time people and top notch music.In the midst of a nationwide tour, ... Read more

Party Report: Audiowhore 6th Birthday

Saturday 18th March saw a line-up of epic proportions descend on the O2 Academy, Brixton for what can only be described as an immersive sanctuary for electro-centric tech and house worshippers. Audiowhore certainly knew how to throw itself a 6th birthday party of epic proportions, staying true to its ethos of delivering distinct and unique sounds to its underground fan base. The venue was kept fairly stripped back but the DJ booth was shadowed by a mesmerising, multi-layered expanse of screens delivering crystal sharp images accompanied by a creative laser show. Quite fittingly, as Steve Lawler’s final tracks set fire ... Read more

Party Report: FLY Open Air

FLY Open Air brought something truly special to Edinburgh at the end of September. The top team put on a spectacular event in a spectacular setting right at the foot of the famous castle. By day it hung in the background and added a real sense of history and grace to the party, and when the sun went and night arrived it looked truly magical the way it was lit up and seemed to be floating. Of course the music was the main focus, but great stage production, killer sound systems and some explosive ice and smoke machines really added ... Read more

Party Report: Electric Zoo 2016

American dance music has been exploding at a vast rate in recent years. One of the key players in the scene in that time is Electric Zoo. The New York Festival has always managed to offer a mesmeric selection of big name and up and coming acts that keep hungry day global ravers happy. in 2016 that was the case again and this year the festival build on the success of previous years with an expanded and broader line up. Before you even hear a beat you are entranced by Electric Zoo. It takes place on Randall’s Island and so ... Read more

Review: Eastern Electrics 2016

The sun continued to shine for the fifth instalment of Eastern Electrics, as crowds of ravers headed to the hedonistic playground, standing tall on the grounds of the picturesque Hatfield House, with a plethora of international superstars spread across seven stages. Born out of a warehouse on Great Suffolk Street in its earliest days – the Eastern Electrics crew have always been well known for putting on tasty line ups for the ever demanding underground house and techno scene and, for this one-day festival, they certainly managed to create a genre defying and energetic atmosphere for revellers to submerse themselves ... Read more

Party Report: Lovebox

Still a landmark date in any self-respecting London ravers calendar each year, Lovebox Festival, in East London’s Victoria Park, brings with it a reputation of providing a breadth of genres over its two day soiree. A whole host of cool kids and party revellers from all around join the shenanigans, in what is hotly tipped as one of the ones in the bracket ‘not to miss.’ With its cross-city rival SW4 coming into its own in the last few years, Lovebox has had to rise to the challenge to keep its number one slot at the top of the London ... Read more

MMW Party Report: John Digweed @ Treehouse

After going at Treehouse on Friday, making everybody laugh by saying “My name is on the guest list for John Digweed” and the door girl responds, “Tonight is Hernan Catteneo & Nick Warren” I finally go back on the right day, Saturday, and this time my name is on the list…yes, that’s what five days of Miami Music Week does to you. Whether you like electronic music or not, going to a John Digweed event is the kind of show you want to experience at least once in a lifetime. If you ever meet someone who attended one, he will ... Read more