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Help #SaveFabric By Signing Online Petition

With the recent troubles of London Techno insisutuon fabric well known by now, a petition has began circulating urging the Islingon Council to allow the venue to remian open. In short, over the past 9 weeks or so, 2 teenage males have died at the venue as a result of drug related complications. With that, fabric self closed two weekends back and now remains closed as they face review of their license (scheduled for 6 September). Began by WETYOURSELF! promoter Jacob Husley (you may remember him from the elderly Polish couple story a few months back), the change.org petition has ... Read more

London’s Dance Music Community Comes Together To Petition Hackney Council

As you may have heard, yesterday came news of Hackney’s famed Dance Tunnel venue forced t ¬†shut its doors next year due to “licensing regulations”. After a slew of outrage hit the internet, including such prominent dance music names as Four Tet and Skream speaking on behalf of the soon-to-be defunct club, a change.org petition has appeared asking for signatures with the intention of re-reviewing the imposed legislation. In a London environment where the powers that be drive prices up for old and new alike, the once thriving cultural scene has been decimated over the years, forcing venues to close, ... Read more

Over 30,000 Sign Petition To Legalise Free Events In The UK

Following Saturday Freedom to Party protest, supporting illegal raves in London, over 30,000 people have now signed a petition to legalize free parties throughout the UK. Addressed to UK’s Home Secretary Theresa May, the petition calls for the full legalisation of free events, raves and festivals, highlights safety awareness as its central theme: “We request that you address, in parliament, the appeal for the legalisation of free parties and celebrations of a similar manner. We believe it would be in the interest of all involved to allow the control and regulation of said gatherings rather than merely confiscating thousands of ... Read more

Love The Essential Mix? Join Thousands And Petition Against Proposed BBC Music Cuts

As I am sure all readers here now, music is a vital part of a person cyltural and, in turn, intellectual growth. It’s presence from the classroom to the collective demonstrates a universal language of expression; one who’s power transcends that of the frequent differences our world seem to find itself in time and time again. By the other side of the coin, in an age of rising inequality, non opportunity, and the proliferation of all things capital, music, and the arts/humanities as a whole. continually take a back seat to the “practical” activities of business and STEMS training. A ... Read more