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Interview: Undercatt

Next to take the reigns in the Diynamic’s essential, artist focussed EP series, Picture, is Italian duo Undercatt. Luca and Elia have been friends for years since meeting in the and started together as Undercatt shortly after. They have since found natural harmony in the studio and next to DJing and producing they also co-run the Yuma brand and programme nights at Vibe Club back home. Their sound is emotional and well crafted and shown in this new EP for Diynamic. Here we speak to them about this and plenty more. The guys will be playing in London in September ... Read more

Interview: Karmon

Karmon has been making music all his life. First it was with whatever was lying around the house, but now it is with the tools that create his unique house and tech sound. The talented Dutchman releases it on labels like Redlight Music and Diynamic, where he has most recently offered up the excellent second edition of their Picture series. It finds him laying out his emotive vision across a fine collection of coherent tracks that show he has a deep and diverse style. Here we talk to him about the EP, what gear he used to make it, about ... Read more

Interview: Lehar

Italian artist Lehar is behind the latest Picture series on Diynamic. It is an opportunity for artists to show off the full breadth and depth of their sound and he does just that across six sizzling cuts. With an organic deep house sound Lehar has released on labels like Connaisseur Recordings, My Favourite Robot and 2DIY4 as well as being a Dynamic regular. Here we speak to the spontaneous DJ and passionate music lover about his new release, his relationship with Solomon and about his studio process. “I am free.” How are you, how has summer been? All good, thanks ... Read more